Planning for Scotland Ancestral Visitations

This journal has been deleted.
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9th October 2019

Gee Bob, you really have this planned with detail that I could only dream of. I hope to read more of your travels. I’m a bit disappointed that you only traced Linda’s ancestry to 1580; I can’t go back more than about 5 generations, and have an Irish background. You’ve done well there. It must be hard to visit places you’ve never lived in but it’s a good problem to have. Get out there Bob, have a great journey of discovery, and it’s always better with loved ones.
9th October 2019

Planning a trip is half the fun!
Planning also helps reduce the cost of a trip. However, I always have a Plan B, C, D...
9th October 2019

Fellow traveler
I am glad to see that I am not alone in planning and booking trips well in advance. I bought a plane ticket for my April 2020 Philippines/Japan trip back in August. September 2020? That's great! Now you have the whole year to research/plan/anticipate. I'll be particularly interested in hearing about how you find Iona.
10th October 2019
Bagpipers at Glen Coe on our second visit to Scotland in 1980

In search of one's roots
Your investigations and determination are impressive as usual Bob, but do not forget to have some downtime and smell the roses to ensure your trip is with the breeze not into a headwind. Enjoy the planning and I look forward to hearing how it goes.
10th October 2019
Bagpipers at Glen Coe on our second visit to Scotland in 1980

Good advice...
does heather have a pleasant scent? As for pace, I will be averaging less than 100 mi/day, with one day only 33 miles. We will also end up in Edinburgh for three days.
12th October 2019

Tracing the family tree is fun and timely. Glad you have this trip planned. I'm glad Linda has found someone acceptable to stay with Bonnie. That is important. I'm going to add those books to our reading list. Have a great time planning.
13th October 2019

Reading list..
Do you have Scottish ancestors, too?
23rd October 2019

Scottish Roots
Wow, sounds like another great trip in the making, combining travelling with family history research and pilgrimage - sounds perfect! 😊 And wow, 23rd cousin five times removed - who'd have thought it?! 😊
25th May 2020

I have deferred my trip to Scotland until Sep 2021...
due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the meantime I continue planning, with updates to this blog about additional ancestors.

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