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July 22nd 2006
Published: August 16th 2011
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Today is the Highland Games! Ali and I have never been so we're really looking forward to it. We really don't know what to expect but can't wait to go. Also, this is the first time since Edinburgh that we're not changing B&Bs after one night and it will be nice to not have to rush on to the next place tonight.

We decided the walk didn't sound too bad and walked out to the Highland Games. It took us about an hour but I'm sure we would have gotten lost and missed it altogether if we'd driven. Today is cold so we bundled up. I've been pretty comfortable in my jeans, t-shirt, and Chucks with a hoodie for the weather changes up to this point. Today I have on a long-sleeved shirt, a cropped hoodie, my brown corduroy blazer, and a skinny scarf. Layers, layers, layers...Scottish weather is constantly changing and the more light layers I have on the better chance I have of being able to put on and take off the right amount of clothing to be comfortable.

It's foggy and trying to rain and the native Scottish people are in tank tops, capris and flip flops so I feel really overdressed but at least I'm warm. It's probably around 60 degrees...definitely the coldest it's been so far and a relief from the hot weather we had in Edinburgh. We've heard from's so hot in London the streets are melting!

The Highland Games weren't exactly what we expected...I think we expected bigger and busier, but it was a nice relaxing day. We watched the highland dancers, heard the bagpipe competition, visited all of the tents and I ended up buying two throw blankets, some whiskey and some pocheen for my friend 😊 We watched the caber throwing competition, the hammer throwing competition, and watched a variety of other events as well. There was a ton of food there and Ali and I both decided to take a break from fish, sausages, and the other meat we'd been eating on our vacation and get one of the veggie burgers. We also both got "chips" and hot chocolate 😊

The only problem with walking TO the Highland Games is that we had to walk HOME from them as well lol. We were both SO tired by the time we got back! This was definitely our early night. I'd been gone for a week and Ali hadn't been home in 3 weeks...we needed a rest. So, we had a quiet night in.


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