Looking for Nessie

Published: June 22nd 2017
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We began this morning at 5:45 thanks to our trusty alarm clock, Rich. After getting ourselves in order, it was off to another Scottish breakfast at Mac Donald's. (Ahem.) Stand E was only a brief walk away and while waiting for our bus we explored another really old cemetery. We saw graves of people who were buried before America declared independence. The "newest" monument in the cemetery was a statue of Abraham Lincoln. It was strange.

Upon boarding the bus, we met Bill, an animated and well-versed Scotsman (kilt included), who made our day a wonderful one. We headed north from Edinburgh into the Highlands and completely trumped the Friday the 13th garbage by enjoying a SUNNY day. From a distance, we passed Stirling Castle, where William Wallace turned back the English by destroying a bridge (it was probably because of Jeannette and Barb's help). The first pit stop we made was at a roadside shopping/rest area that featured a mascot, Hamish, a "heery cooow." He was bred to be eaten but didn't know it.

We traveled through MacGregor country and heard the story of 70 year old Rob Roy who ended up losing his life to a blood infection following a challenge by a 17 year old. Stupid kids. The Highlands were so breathtaking. Next, we heard about the MacDonalds of Glen Coe, who after extending Highlander hospitality to the unsavory Campbells, were murdered in a massacre that remains a part of Scottish legend.

From there it was off to Loch Ness. Rich got a great picture of the monster. The authority, Captain Ricky, talked to Jeannette about his seven sightings and about how there are actually many Loch Ness monsters, including one that lives in Lake Tahoe. The water was very dark due to the tannins that leach into it from all the decaying mosses that eventually end up there. Other than our boat, the Loch was pretty deserted. Onboard, they sold a beer called "Sheep Shagger." !?!? We opted out.

From here on out, the day was filled with great scenery descending back from the Highlands into Edinburgh. By the late afternoon, rain began to fall. Back in Edinburgh, we headed to the World's End Pub for a dinner of sausages and mash (Jake), tomato and vegetable soup and goat cheese tart (Jeannette), drambuie chicken (Barb), and steak and ale pie (Rich). We followed our dinner with a dram of drambuie and then headed back to the hotel, where we sit here now.

A table away from us is a "hen party," the UK equivalent of a bachelorette party. Lots of funny eyeglasses, sequined t-shirts, etc., have made us chuckle.

Tomorrow is our first unscheduled day, which means we can figure it out as we go. We're going to upload a few photos and call it a night. Cheers!

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