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February 3rd 2009
Published: February 3rd 2009
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Here is a link to my pictures that I have taken so far on Snapfish. I don't know if you have to sign up to see them, but this is the only way I am having luck getting them uploaded. I ended up going to the computer lab where I have a faster internet connection. I can't do it on my laptop in my room.

Let me know if it works. If not I can email you the link as well.

Today I got to experience all my classes. I have a total of 14 hours of class one week and 17 hours every other. I'm pretty busy, but I don't mind at the moment. One of my classes is only for the first 6 weeks which made me VERY happy.

So far, I don't have any plans for this weekend, but next weekend we're planning on a trip to Edinburgh! More details to come.

P.S. Scots eat P.B and J for dessert; they think it is weird we eat it for a meal.
P.S.S. My three new favorite words are: Cheers! Brilliant! and Rubbish.


3rd February 2009

I think you need to have a Snapfish account to view the photos. I got in with no problems through my account.
7th February 2009

oh girl... Brilliant was my fav word to pic up from the brits when i was deployed and working with them! and ask how they pronounce aluminum... =)

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