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February 2nd 2009
Published: February 2nd 2009
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Today was my first day of classes. I only had two to go to, which wasn't that bad, but I got lost finding my second one. ONCE AGAIN, GO FIGURE.

I got up bright and early because my adviser said I needed to visit this office. Apparently over here, you pay money for your syllabus(s). It cost 2 pounds for one and the others I think I get in the class. Another different thing over here is that if you want to print something, you get a 1 pound credit. After, that you have to "top up" on your personal ID to be able to print some more. It might cost around 5-10 pence per page.I don't even know where to print things off...I better check into that...

I walked into my biology course, which was the biggest and most dangerous lecture hall I have ever seen. It was ridiculously steep with I would guess around 400 seats. I counted about 30 some steep stairs from top to bottom. If one would happen to fall down these stairs, I'm pretty sure they would die. Me being the accident prone person that I am, will probably be visiting the ER sometime soon.

Class work here is quite different than back in the states. They have no homework. But, for some classes you have to sign up for tutorials and that is extra time outside of class. At the end of the semester, almost in every class so far that I have heard of, the final exam is worth about 80% of your grade or more. YIKES. They are in class tests or papers. We'll see how that goes as well.

I am going to attempt to upload some pictures.

Take it easy over there😊


3rd February 2009

I suggest you sit in the very front row of that HUGE lecture hall Yellow. :) If the doors are only in back of the lecture hall, then I advise you sit in the very back row. For safety purposes. :)

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