I want to dedicate this journal to STEVE IRWIN

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September 5th 2006
Published: September 7th 2006
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the sad news about the unfortunate death of STEVE IRWIN
I would like to dedicate this journal to a great conservationist and professional enthusiast;
STEVE IRWIN. I absolutely love his programs on discovery channel, and although some things he has done might have been controversial, he definitely has done a great deal for the conservation of not only australian wildlife, but also worldwide.
Just watching his shows always gave me a boost, his energy and enthusiasm comes flying of the screen. When i was in his zoo in beerwah, queensland, i remember asking one of his staff if he was like that in real life too, and she gave me a definite YES.
It is absolutely sad, and i hope his legacy will continue thru the development of his zoo, and thru television, so that many young generations to come get to see what this planet has to offer and appreciate the things he so really loved.
CROCS RULE!!!!!!!!!!


Back here in northern ireland, it's work as usual, at the moment it's harvesting the grain, so lots of new bales of straw ready to be stacked for the winter season.
The weather here hasn't been too good lately, but at the moment it's getting brighter.
straw balesstraw balesstraw bales

in the meantime....work as usual

(i really do need my daily ADAOS; Advised Daily Amount Of Sunshine)
Last weekend i finally went up a mountain, not the big one, but still high enough to have an amazing 360 degrees view of the surroundings. We also visited an ancient burial mound and after some searching got to the st patrick hill just as the sun was setting.
All in all, a very good day, all of it made possible by some very friendly locals.
So thanks, smiley & lorna....
The 23rd of december i will be going to edinburgh, scotland for a couple of days, so i hope to see you all then.

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st. patricks hillst. patricks hill
st. patricks hill

What a spectacular end of a day
lagananny dolmenlagananny dolmen
lagananny dolmen

ancient burial mound
slieve croobslieve croob
slieve croob

530 m, the wind was incredibly strong
is that rain......?is that rain......?
is that rain......?

looking towards the mournes

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