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October 20th 2009
Published: October 20th 2009
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View from Randolph'sView from Randolph'sView from Randolph's

Randolph's is the place where I get a free meal a day and that is what i look at while i eat, pretty sweet
The beginning of the week has been good so far. Teaching class Monday morning was very good, I let the kids play 5on5 for the first time and they actually did a great job. The week before I tried to teach them the concept of screening and they had a tough time tackling the idea of it. So i finally got the chance to give homework to the students and it felt great, guess what the homework was?!?! I made them go on youtube and watch my screen on Nolan Smith and the only question they had to answer so I could make sure they did it was who was the team i set the screen on, im guessing im a pretty easy teacher!! The only downfall of my Monday was the conditioning i had to with my teammate Kevin. It was a tough session but much needed. We had to run 20 150 meter sprints in 30 seconds with thirty seconds rest after each one, pretty exhausting!! Sorry for all those people who want me to convert that to yards, dont know how, but if anyone does, please let me know, thanks!
Today we had a motivational speaker named Leon Taylor. He was an olympic silver medalist in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens for diving. He invented the most difficult dive out there right now. Dont know the name, just know it has a ton of twists and flips. Something cool he told us that I didnt know was those divers who dive off of 10 meter boards hit the water at 40 mph!! That is pretty crazy. He explained his feelings to us after he finished his last dive that sealed the deal for the silver medal, it was pretty cool. He also told us how he overcame adversity throughout his training for the games. Very inspirational guy who is now giving back to the youth and is mentoring Tom Daly who just won the World Championship in diving at the age of 15. Ontop of going around and doing motivational speaking, he is an embassador for BT (which is like AT&T back in the states). BT for people who dont know is one of the sponsors for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Lastly, he even brought in his silver medal and passed it around for us to see, pretty cool. A great person who never gave up until he reached his dream goal of winning a medal at the Olympic Games.
Tonight we had our first practice after our tough defeat by DCU, it was a great practice with great intensity and hard work. We are trying to get back playing as a team so we can start winning games!! Tomorrow is hump day which is my favorite day of the week because the rest of the days go by very quickly!! Hope everyone is doing well!!! Cheers

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Conor Lilly, Connor O'Donnor and Cro at dinner
The houseThe house
The house

This is the house we stayed at when we went to Donegal, thanks Mark!

my teammate Paul Cummins getting ready to tee off on the first hole in Donegal

Gareth getting ready to hit his fairway shot, have to say Gareth is quite the golfer

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