Published: May 29th 2009
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Woke up in the morning and Tobias had called in sick!!! I swear I had nothing to do with it but we had more in common than I thought!!! Woke up in the morning and he was hung as hell and we all agreed to get some breaky down the road. Walked there the four of us Thomas Pamela Tobias and I. We stopped by the murals on the way and Tobias is quite the tour guide. Knows his shit really well. The hideout was the bar I mentioned as the landmark to find across the road. He told me some crazy shit about that place. The biggest piece of advice was to just avoid them at all costs and not to go in there at all. I could live with that no problem!! So we went to this place and Tobias said he recommended the Big breakfast and I was all for it. I won and I think he came second but I blew them all out of the water!!!
Thomas and I went our own way so Tobias and Pamela could have alone time or whatever. Turns out that a girl named Gersha was going to meet us and take us around for a tour. Really cool how I knew none of these people and all of sudden we were all good friends. Waited for awhile for Gersha to arrive checked out the Botanical Garden. Smelt amazing ahhhhhhhhhhh. Thomas didnt have a ton of money so instead of doing a black cab tour we were gonna walk it. Not that big of a city so thats what we did. We got lost with our Pro tour guide in like 15 mins flat. Soon as we left the city center hahaha. She was frazzled cause she had done this same tour like 4 times hahahaha. I loved it I didnt care at all it was all new to me. She had been studying in Northern Ireland for like a year now. She came from a small town near Beijing still with like 8 million ppl or whatever haha.
We found the majority of the murals after about 3 hours of solid walking!!! Crazy cool all the murals. The Peace wall as well. Its older than the Berlin Wall. We all signed our names on the wall. Tourists haha.
After that it was time for a bit of a break in town. She took us to the "BIGGEST PUB" in town called the Spainaird. She was kidding because it was tiny!! Nice tho sat on the coach and had a nice glass of Guiness. Almost fell asleep actually.
Then we went to the tourist center so I could book my tour of the Giants Causeway for tommorow. Lucky I did because it filled up soon after. Then we checked out the two year old brand new mall that had just been built there called Victoria Square. They had a lookout at the top you could see the whole town from. Weird feeling i had up there that it was moving slightly. Gave me the creeps a bit. It totally was too Gersha agreed. I checked out the prices of an Ipod Touch at the apple store there. So cool i really want one but its almost double the price here!!!
After that we saw the big Salmon and I got to ride it. It was soaked but well worth it. Thomas even jumped on too hahaha. We crossed the bridge over and I decided to become the tour guide. We went to the Odyssey Arena where it turns out Boyzone was playing. I started screaming like a crazy fan haha i got some laughs. Then we walked all the way to the end of the dock where the titanic was built. Quite a ways down we were dreading the walk the whole time. Got to the end and decided to wait for a car and hitch back down to the arena. It was pretty cool to see the dock where it was built.
So funny we actually got a guy to give us a ride within a few trys. He was shocked he said hes never seen anyone try to hitch here hahaha. We told we had to get to our boyzone concert. HE totally believed us too. I said no no no were just kidding and then he kind of said well how do u expect me to know you can choose a concert when you cant pick a vacation destination!!! Kind of said it all serious too. Pretty funny had to be there.
We got lost again on the way back to Tobias's. HA Gersha is hillarious she tried really hard tho.
Tobias was on the computer when we got back. He had some people coming to put doorhandles on his doors while we sat and drank. Then we went out for some pints. Im turning into drinker. Not really just one or two ha. We went to this bar called Whites which was just closing as we got there but really cool it was the oldest in Belfast from 1600 something. HA
Ended up going to the Duke of York and met some other coachsurfer's there. World's full of us haha.
I took a stool from this table and the guy came right over and took it back from me. I should of asked just happy he didnt clock me or something!!! After that we went back to Tobias cause he had work and Thomas had a flight at 6am!! We saw these people making a movie by Tobias's and this one guy had a devil backpack on. Thomas was joking screaming Catholics Catholics out the window to the Hideout and Tobias got all serious. He said if you did that we would have Petrol Bombs being thrown through the window in 5 mins if you did that. Crazy eh
I had a quick shower and couldnt figure out why there was NO hot water Freezing ass cold oh my god. Turns out that u have to turn some switch. Bloody hell oh well i was clean. Somewhat. Then off to bed

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