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September 19th 2006
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This was a fluke and a sign I just felt like following - it's pretty cool though.
Hi Everyone,

While I have some time I thought I'd make this blog as up to date as possible. From Cornwall I went to Bristol, to Wales then to Bath then back to Bristol and to Newark (Nottinghamshire). That's where I am at the moment.

My time in Cornwall was great - except for some eccentrics in the hostel in Penzance it was great. I shared a room with a lady in her 90's who whispered at night time, crumpled pieces of paper, and turned the light on every 2 hours. I was then moved to a room with a guy who snored so loud he woke me up. I ended up choosing the lesser of the two evils and went back to the whispering lady...... From Cornwall I went to Wales. That was lovely and I could easily have spent longer there. I stayed in Cardiff and headed kind of North East to the Brecon Beacons and to the West Coast to see some of the coastlines. I hired a car with a girl from the hostel (that was fun - she loved being right, especially when she wasn't and moaned about everything. I won't say where she was from, as there may be some kiwi's reading this). Then I went to Bath which was amazing. It's a town with almost all Georgian architecture. Some of the tourists thought it was a shame that the medieval buildings had been knocked down to make way for Georgian buildings with a Roman feel, but I don't agree. it's a beautiful town. The Roman's really knew how to relax - the baths were amazing. I can't believe I didn't visit the baths in Launceston when I lived there. They've just set up the newer versian - Thermae Spa, and for £19 for 2 hours you can enjoy what they have to offer. I preferred Launceston's $14 for as long as you want.

Okay, I won't ramble. My tiredness is showing. From Bath I arrived in Newark to meet my Dad's cousin Gillian and her family. They took me to Sherwood Forest today which was great. It's regenerating as well as it can and the older trees that are there were amazing. Yes, Trevor, there's more than one tree in the forest. It's an interesting history. There was a tree that Robin Hood and his crew allegedly used to meet under and he would hide in . It reminded me of when Heather and I went to the 'Alleged Matthew Brady Tree' in Tasmania. I like the way as tourists if it's on a sign it must be true. I won't say much more as I don't want to offend too many people so I'll just leave it at that.

I'm off to York next and then Liverpool. I'm going back to see Pat, John, Kevin and Mary soon so I won't be going too far and then it's off to work for a while.

I hope you're all well

Love Danielle.

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This was great. I could have stayed here for hours.
Gillian, Kendrick and JaneGillian, Kendrick and Jane
Gillian, Kendrick and Jane

There were the lovely people who looked after me in Newark - sorry you aren't in the picture George.

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