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November 18th 2007
Published: December 11th 2007
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York Intrepid Reunion

Our China Intrepid Tour Reunion was taking place in York so we thought this would be a great time to see a bit of Yorkshire at the same time. We drove up from Cardiff and arrived a Lisa B's place and then headed over to Lisa F's place to see the rest of the guys. It was fantastic to catch up and it was just like old times except that the beers were a lot more expensive. We headed out on the town for a night of catching up and crazy dancing which was great fun. The next day we went into the city to see some of the sights. We walked the old city walls and visited the York Minster which was very impressive. In the afternoon we met up with all the guys again to have a few last beers and then to see them all off. York is a very pretty city and one of the nicest we've been to in the UK particularly at this time of year with all the autumn leaves and colours. On the way back to Cardiff we stopped off at Sherwood Forest to catch up with our good
The Intrepid GangThe Intrepid GangThe Intrepid Gang

Back drinking beer (and taking group photos) together at last
friend Robin Hood. We nearly got to spend a whole lot longer than planned as the car wouldn’t start but luckily she eventually got going.

Stonehenge & Cornwall

We drove over to England and stayed at a B&B in a tiny village near Avebury on the Friday night, having dinner at a quirky little pub nearby called the "Who'd have thought it". We had our full English and then visited the Avebury Stone Circle on the Saturday morning. The Stone Circle would be great if you like huge rocks standing randomly in a field. From there we made our way south towards the Stonehenge. We crammed in with all the other tourists and made our way around the rocks with our audio guides listening to some of the theories behind them. After the theory about Merlin bringing the stones back from Ireland by himself, when 15000 of King Arthur’s soldiers had failed and the theory of the stones being stolen by Satan himself.....................we sort of lost interest in the story behind them and just enjoyed the views. From Stonehenge we made our way to Glastonbury where we visited the site of King Arthur’s Tomb at the Abbey and

Need I say more, big weird collections of stones...
then made our way up the very steep hill to the Glastonbury Tor which had some great views. By now it was getting close to 4pm so we had to get going as it was getting DARK! We drove down to Cornwall where we stayed in the little fishing village of Padstow, famous for Rick Stein‘s Seafood restaurant (which we did not eat at). The next morning we drove further down the coast to the classic Cornwall town of St Ives where we all got Cornish Pasties for lunch and on the walk back Mick got attacked by a seagull that was after his. While Jason, Kirstyn and Karen were having a good laugh at Mick, another seagull came down and took a chunk out of Kirstyn's which was equally as funny. After lunch we had to begin the long drive back which, due to the very short days, was mostly in the dark. We were exhausted by the time we got home and would definitely recommend taking more than two days to visit Cornwall from Wales!

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Glastonbury TorGlastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor

High up on the only mountain, it is quite impressive
Sherwood ForestSherwood Forest
Sherwood Forest

I'm sure some merry men are just waiting in these trees
Now that's a lot of glassNow that's a lot of glass
Now that's a lot of glass

York Minster has the most stained glass of any church in the UK
The Who'd A Thought It PubThe Who'd A Thought It Pub
The Who'd A Thought It Pub

And really who would have thought of these names!

11th December 2007

Yay- the intrepid gang back on your blogs!! its not fair, im english and iv neva seen sherwood forest or stonehenge- you're seeing more than I have! :) hope you're both still well, was great to catch up again...

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