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August 3rd 2008
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After taking so many pictures (OVER 1400), just a few to give you a feel of what Canada & Alaska is about. I have tried to place the photos in an approximate order of the places that we visited. The whales were a definite highlight of holiday, especially the humpbacks breaching in the bay off Juneau. There were so many places to see and it was great that we were on an organised tour. Our guide Je... Read Full Entry

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Mule Deer Mule Deer
Mule Deer

On our walk back to the Jasper Park Lodge, we spotted this deer
Bear CubBear Cub
Bear Cub

We came across this cub eating dandelions on the side of the road on the way to Sun Peaks. Its mother was on the other side of the road
Mount RobsonMount Robson
Mount Robson

The classic Mount Robson where we had the group photograph
Choose your transport (Vancouver)Choose your transport (Vancouver)
Choose your transport (Vancouver)

The view from the harbour where planes and boats competed for bits of the water
Government Buidings (Victoria)Government Buidings (Victoria)
Government Buidings (Victoria)

Nearly all the shops had postcards like this. Looked spectacular
Mile Mile

This is where either the Trans Canadian highway starts or ends!!!!
Butchart GardensButchart Gardens
Butchart Gardens

Early morning at the gardens created by the Butchart family. The different gardens were set in an old worked out limestone quarry
Orca whale off Victoria IslandOrca whale off Victoria Island
Orca whale off Victoria Island

Our first whale watching trip had us drifting with a pod of Orca whales. Fabulous
Canada Place (Sailaway)Canada Place (Sailaway)
Canada Place (Sailaway)

Sailed from here on Sunday 22nd June, a fabulous 'sailaway' with G & T's in hand
Sailaway Vancouver Sailaway Vancouver
Sailaway Vancouver

Into English bay and into a glorious Sunset
Norwegian Sun (Topside Bar)Norwegian Sun (Topside Bar)
Norwegian Sun (Topside Bar)

The bar by the pool, it didnt always look so inviting once the rain & wind had set in

Our first port of call, Ketchikan. It did nothing but rain but we only walked into town for a quick look round
Lecture time!!!Lecture time!!!
Lecture time!!!

We went to a couple of lectures by this guy. Kent Brakken (call me Ken). Interesting!!!
En route to JuneauEn route to Juneau
En route to Juneau

Arty shot on the way to Juneau
Humpback Whale (Mother)Humpback Whale (Mother)
Humpback Whale (Mother)

We saw some great performances by Humpbacks, breaching like this adult female.
Humpback Whale (Juvenile)Humpback Whale (Juvenile)
Humpback Whale (Juvenile)

This was the baby, obviously trying to out do its mother
Humpback diving off JuneauHumpback diving off Juneau
Humpback diving off Juneau

Lin thought this was the tail shot she had travelled so far to see. I agree!!
Ahoy! IcebergsAhoy! Icebergs
Ahoy! Icebergs

Leaving Juneau we sailed towards the Dawson glacier. Icebergs were all over the place!!
Dawson glacier (Endicott Arm)Dawson glacier (Endicott Arm)
Dawson glacier (Endicott Arm)

The ship came to within a few hundred yards of the face of the glacier. Pretty awesome!!
Downtown SkagwayDowntown Skagway
Downtown Skagway

Population 800, but not on the day we were there. More like 8000
Skagway towards the shipsSkagway towards the ships
Skagway towards the ships

We took the White Pass Yukon Railway up to White Pass. Looking back you can see the ships docked in Skagway

22nd July 2011
Sulphur Mountain (Snowy day)

Hi Al, My sister and I went on a similar cruise to Alaska....the pictures look just like what we saw....It was beautiful and your pictures are awesome!

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