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August 13th 2014
Published: August 13th 2014
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A load of fun.
So here we are in England with Pam and Warwick and we have filled our days up well so far. Di and I left Norway with some regret but it is also nice to be on the move again. The last few days in Bergen filled with a few walks and trips into town. One day we went into town to meet up with Dave Ellison, a friend that I dealt with through work for over 35 years, and his wife, for lunch. Dave's wife Judith has relations who live in Bergen due to her father having been born there and coming to NZ as an adult. I always find it amazing whenever I meet people I know on the other side of the world. Unfortunately it was a wet day but we enjoyed a walk around and having lunch at a restaurant by the water. Dave had some of his relatives with him and it was nice to catch up and just natter, enjoy food and company while Lilly entertained us, and then Chris joined us for a time to say hello to Dave who he hadn't seen for about 20 years. A pleasant day. A couple of days we

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went with Lilly to town then on the tram out to the outer suburbs, a pleasant ride on a very good system of transport. One evening Rune and Lillen, along with Heges uncles and aunties came for dinner. A very nice evening and it is always great to catch up with every one. Chris and I had a morning fishing at Tessa, but once again I didn't manage to seduce a salmon, so I will have to try again next year. Chris picked up a nice 7lb one and a couple of sea trout and I do get a kick out of watching him fish. That evening there was a huge storm with amazing lightning and thunder, with a huge amount of rain. So much that we had a bit of trouble with a blocked drain which couldn't keep up with the flow so we were outside in the rain for a while, but it wasn't cold. And then our goodbyes to our beloved Lilly and Stella. Very hard but thats the way it is. Hege and Chris are both amazing in the times that we spend with them and Di has a kindred spirt in Hege, and they encourage
Lunch timeLunch timeLunch time

Lunch with Dave and Judith from NZ. So nice to catch up so many miles from home.
each other to be the worlds best shoppers, sometimes disappearing in the evening to Ikea, were they will work out what is needed in the house, or to the malls to look at fashions. Hege and Chris have a new kitchen in the planning, from Ikea, which will be put in soon, and they have plans being drawn up for an extension to the house, so it is really nice to be able to be involved with the every day happenings in life in Bergen. We have loved being with them for 2 weeks in Spain and 4 weeks in Bergen, and 6 weeks has absolutely flown by and we have enjoyed a really amazing time. Until Christmas, can't wait. So! To England. We are staying in Pete and Helens house while they are away and making a few journeys away to see the the sights. We have the use of Georgie's car which makes things very easy, so we traveled over to Wales visiting Swansea, Cardiff and Newport for a couple of days. Catch up later, Pip/Rod.

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This could be one of her first Selfie's.
Dave and I.Dave and I.
Dave and I.

Sheltering from a deluge of rain.
Worn out.Worn out.
Worn out.

Lilly sleeps on the tram and I look as though I should be also.
Dinner at Home.Dinner at Home.
Dinner at Home.

A magic time of eating and catching up.
It's Raining.It's Raining.
It's Raining.

Chris inspects the play house for leaks.
Going Walking.Going Walking.
Going Walking.

Hege and the kids set of down the drive way for a walk.
Just Chatting.Just Chatting.
Just Chatting.

Rune and I enjoy refreshments and good conversation.
What does Dolly Need.What does Dolly Need.
What does Dolly Need.

Stella and Lillen have fun together.
Hello. Hello.

Pam and Warwick arrive at Heathrow.
Happy Birthday.Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday.

Pam wakes up to balloons and greetings. Celebrating a birthday in Britain.

Breakfast out side at Pete and Helens.
Dinner TimeDinner Time
Dinner Time

Pam and Warwick in Wales.
Dinner Time.Dinner Time.
Dinner Time.

And we are to.
Castle Coch.Castle Coch.
Castle Coch.

Just outside Cardiff this is a very impressive castle. Fairy Tale stuff.

Turn Right? Turn Left? Lets just go around the round about and have a look.
Rugby History.Rugby History.
Rugby History.

Always a must to visit for every rugby mad Kiwi. I last visited it in 1991 but now it is the Millennium Stadium rebuilt a while back.
Cardiff Castle.Cardiff Castle.
Cardiff Castle.

An impressive looking castle in the middle of the city.

14th August 2014
Cardiff Castle.

Hi! I've been following your blog for a while now, and I really love your comments on the various countries and places you are visiting, as well as the photos you are sharing. Especially, perhaps, those showing my dear neighbours Hege, Chris, Lilly and Stella! Lots of love to you and Diane from the no. 84 folks in Tertnes, Norway.

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