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August 30th 2007
Published: August 30th 2007
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Bear in the HoodBear in the HoodBear in the Hood

How cool is Jish's new hoody?
It's been a bit of a turbulent week, folks, but at long last I have some good news to share with you all. In fact, there's so much good news that my face is positively aching from all the smiling I've been doing!

First off, as the forest fires in Greece have begun to abate, I'm please to report that my parents are both fine and managed to return to their home to find it largely unsinged. Considering all the surrounding garden and trees were totally burnt out, it seems like this was a particularly close call.

Yesterday the good news kept on coming as first of all, I won tickets to see a movie at our local cinema and then I had a job interview that went extremely well. When I got home from the interview, I had a phone call from a TV production company inviting me to an audition for a new prime time quiz show that I'd applied for (well, it's not like my week days are too busy..). Not bad for one day.

Then today things just kept getting better still. I hope I'm not going to jinx it all by mentioning it

He's a chip off the old block alright!
but hey, what are blogs for if not to share our news. Any how, I was running late for my audition after being kept waiting at the doctor's this morning. I had to run for the bus to get into the city centre and then try and find my way to a place I didn't know that looked miles away on the map and I only had 10 minutes to make it. The gym sessions really did pay off as I had to run uphill across the city centre and through the crowds, arriving at the hotel for the audition with mere seconds to spare. I thought I might have been too late but no sooner had I sat down at a table with some other auditionees than a researcher from the TV show came out to greet everyone. Talk about cutting it fine!

The audition was for a new show called Who Dares Wins and the format behind it is that you get teamed up with a complete stranger and battle with another team to create the longest list of a particular category e.g. Tom Cruise movies or Abba songs. I have to admit I didn't do as well on the questions as I hoped but the researchers picked me as one of the call-back group for a second round of auditions so I must have done something right. I will hear in the next 2 weeks if I have been picked for the show, so fingers crossed! It will be a lot of fun and I might even get a chance to win some serious cash prizes.

When I got back from the audition, I had a message to call the place where I had my job interview yesterday and.....I GOT THE JOB! I'm not sure when I'll be starting but the upshot is that I'm going to be working as an IT Trainer for the NHS again - just like I was doing in Norfolk before we left for the big trip! The salary is incredible - more than I've ever earned before in my life - and the people there seem really lovely (as they were in Norfolk with the exception of my old boss). This won;t be interfering with our plans to emigrate though but at least we'll have a decent income until we do go and it will certainly help towards the cost of the flights. I'm actually pretty excited about this job. I just wish I wasn't going to have to be a bit devious about our future plans!

Last but not least is not so much a piece of news but an explanation of the pics. Glynn made Jish some rockin' new clothes today and I think he looks awesome - what do you think?


31st August 2007

Excellent !!!
Love the new look Jish – planning on checking out your website later! Congrats on the job Jude, good to hear that the fires are dying down in Greece as well. Was great to see you again – hopefully will see both you and Glynn next time.

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