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August 26th 2007
Published: August 26th 2007
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A Girl in Every PortA Girl in Every PortA Girl in Every Port

Even Carol, Glynn's college tutor, can't resist Jish's charms!
While I've been busy slaving over a hot computer trying to re-learn my ECDL in time for a job interview on Wednesday, Glynn has been working hard at college and even took Jish in to meet one of his tutors. As you know, Jish has a massive and ever-growing fan club although I'm starting to wonder if he has a girl in every port! He even has his own website now if you want to check it out - www.myspace.com/jishbear.

On Friday, Glynn also took a walk around Birmingham city centre after college to capture a few photos so you can get an idea of what the city is like. I have to admit to quite liking the recently renovated Birmingham centre with the ultra-modern Bullring, nicknamed the Pincushion, and the famous Rag Market which has also been revamped. The Pincushion juxtaposes nicely against the architecture of the classic British church and a cylindrical tower called the Rotunda. There are plenty of interesting older buildings here too that I know nothing about. Time, it would seem, for Glynn and me todon our exploring shoes again.

The only thing that lets Birmingham down for me are all the masses of
Name That BuildingName That BuildingName That Building

Could that big silvery thing be the Pincushion by any chance?
people who push and shove their way around the endless shops and the gangs of youths loitering around, trying their best to intimidate passers-by. Birmingham is trying its best to be a city of the future but the ever-present anti-social behaviour does tend to undermine all the good work that has been done here.

I don't want to paint a bleak and negative picture of greater Birmingham but when I tell you that not one but two stolen cars were dumped in the fields next to where we live and set alight in the last 7 days, you can understand my cynicism. It angers me to live amongst such mindless vandalism, especially when so much time, money and effort is spent trying to counteract it. Recently, new information stands giving information about local flora and fauna were introduced around the lake where we take the dogs for a walk. Within 2 weeks, I counted one that had been burned down, another that had been melted and three that were scratched and graffitied all over so you couldn't read them. Pointless.

On a completely unrelated note, my parents have been caught up in the recent forest fires on mainland
The BullringThe BullringThe Bullring

I love this building!
Greece which has been scary in the extreme. They live close to a town called Zaraho on the Peleponese, right in the heart of the worst of the flames. I have managed to speak to my mum and they are both safe but they don't know whether their house will survive. My heart goes out to them as they have only been in Greece for 2 years and gave up everything to move there. I'll keep you posted of any developments.

Additional photos below
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Bully For YouBully For You
Bully For You

No bullring is complete without a bull!
Life's a BeachLife's a Beach
Life's a Beach

This is the only chance many of the inner city kids have to experience a beach. Great idea but a sad reason for it.
Rag MarketRag Market
Rag Market

The World Famous Birmingham Rag Market overseen by the Rotunda.

A close-up of the Rotunda, a Birmingham landmark that was due to be demolished until local residents petitioned to keep it.
Centenary SquareCentenary Square
Centenary Square

The heart of Birmingham featuring the so-called 'floozy in the jacuzzi' - that's the statue of a bathing lady in the middle!
Public ArtPublic Art
Public Art

A nice bit of sculpture for you. I'm afraid I don't know anything about this one but it looks cool.
China TownChina Town
China Town

Birmingham is home to every nationality under the sun and even has its very own Chinatown.

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