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August 17th 2007
Published: August 17th 2007
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Sitting here trying to think what news I have to tell you makes me realise just how little has been going on in our lives lately - hence the reason I entitled this blog 'Doing Time'. It's not that it feels like a prison sentence in so many words but that being back in England is serving us very little purpose indeed.

Since I last wrote, the weather has picked up a bit and we've been able to get out of the house a bit more. Glynn's folks took us to a couple of car boot sales, a great British tradition that I will definitely miss when we go. We're still walking the dogs lots and going to the gym virtually every day.

Glynn has started a course in the mornings now to get qualifications in the things he knows how to do but doesn't have a certificate to prove it. It's all paid for by the government so it seems sensible to take advantage of it while we have the chance.

I had several more college job interviews lined up but ended up cancelling them all as they were way too far away. I have no desire to spend over an hour and a half on the bus each way every day plus there's the matter of not exactly being able to commit to a job either. I don't think it would be fair to any students if I started teaching a course and then upped sticks in the middle of it. Instead, I've been trying to get temporary work but the uni students have got all the summer jobs and I won't get a look in until September, which also sucks.

We have an idea that we'll be heading off to NZ soon, with or without the next stage of our immigration application. We've still not heard anything about our Expression of Interest but luckily we have a contingency plan. I won't go into detail here for fear of jinxing it but suffice to say that whatever happens, we intend to be in NZ before Christmas this year.

That brings me to the matter of visiting everyone before we go. I'm off to Swindon this weekend to see some of my old friends and I daresay I'll be popping by a few other places in the next couple of weeks. We also hope to be coming over to Norfolk soon so we'd love to see everyone we know from over that side of the world - you know who you are!

Time for a few messages before I go:

Bedo & Ness - we haven't heard from you in ages. Hope you are both well and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Claire & Brett - congratualtions on creating your very own little person! Have you decided on a name for him yet?

Papa & Esther - wir versuchen wahrscheinlich gegen den 19. September nach Deutschland zu kommen. Ich habe billige Fluge nach Koln gefunden mit weiterem Zugverbindung nach Munchen fur 15 Euro. Scheint sehr gunstig zu sein. Ich melde mich nochmal daruber.


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