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July 27th 2007
Published: August 5th 2007
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Once again I find myself here wanting to share with you all the magical and wonderful things that have been going on with us but I have very little to tell you.

I'm sure you will all have heard about the crappy weather we've been having lately - I'm talking virtually non-stop rain for the last fortnight. Thankfully, we aren't living in a flood-risk area so we haven't been too affected by it except for being stuck indoors even more than necessary plus my Hello Kitty umbrella that Glynn bought me in Hong Kong bit the dust after a very wet and windy walk to the gym earlier this week :-(

We've had no news yet about our New Zealand application, which is a pity as we're longing to get moving so we can settle down and get on with our lives again properly. On the job front here, I had a second interview for a job I didn't really want, then got offered the job and stupidly accepted it only to get cold feet the following day. I felt bad for letting the company down because they were such nice people there but I just couldn't face the prospect of working with excluded kids. It was going to be very hard work and of course, I wouldn't honestly be able to commit to the job long term anyway - not that I could say that in the interview. Hey ho.

Life's just kind of trundling along for us now. To get us out of the house and avoid sitting on our bums all day long, we signed up at a gym 2 weeks ago and have been going down for a couple of hours each day. It feels great to be active and I'm starting to feel quite proud of my developing biceps! I've been hitting the treadmill a lot too with a view to doing lots of walking just like we did when we were travelling. Shame the scenery isn't as exciting!

When the weather eases off for a while, we take Buster and Diesel for long walks in the park and they are in probably the best shape they have ever been in now! Other than that, I spent last weekend glued to the final Harry Potter book and I liked it so much, I've already started reading it again!

It's Glynn's birthday on Monday (30th July) so we're off to the movies and I'll finally get a chance to watch the new HP film too, after we've seen Transformers for Glynn, that is!

We hope you are keeping happy and well wherever you are. Please keep in touch - we miss you and would love to hear your news. If you need our phone number, just leave us a message on here and we'll get back to you :-)

One final message goes out to Rachel and David who had their first baby together recently. Congratulations, guys and hope all is going well!


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