A Bad Case of Itchy Feet

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June 10th 2007
Published: August 5th 2007
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Jude takes a puffing and panting Diesel out for a drag.
Some people who return from a year's travelling are glad to make it home and settle back into the old routine. I think you might have noticed by now that we're not that type of people! So, when my father rang and suggested we go over to Germany to see him for a few days, all expenses paid, naturally we jumped at the chance. Glynn's only been to the Black Forest once and it was wintertime then so it will be great to show him around my birthplace in all its summery beauty. I'll be sure to keep you posted of our continuing adventures along with plenty more photos :-))

The past week has seen us plunge headfirst into the ardous task of finding a job. So far, I've applied for two although only one of them actually appeals to me. Glynn's got a couple of possibilities too but for the moment it's a matter of signing on at the jobcentre and seeing what happens. It will be amusing trying to put together an interview outfit as I have lost loads of weight on my bottom half so all my trousers are very loose but I seem to have
Handsome BoysHandsome BoysHandsome Boys

Glynn and Buster pose for a pic.
beefed up on my back and shoulders (probably from hefting a 20kg backpack around for 12 months) and now none of my suit jackets fit me! I guess it's a good excuse to go shopping!

Life in the Harris house has been enjoyable with family meals every evening and 2 dogs, Buster and Diesel, demanding to be played with all day long. They have to be the friendliest, loveliest Staffordshire Bull Terriers I've ever met: black and white Buster just wants lots of cuddles and to lick your face while Diesel, who looks like a cross between a sealion and a pot-bellied pig, likes to lie on your feet and keep your toes warm! We've taken them for plenty of walks aroun the lake close to where we now live and thankfully th weather has been pretty nice lately.

Even though life is apparently returning to normal, we haven't forgotten about all of you. We hope you're having a good time and promise to visit as soon as we have the time and money. Don't forget to drop us a message and let us know how you're getting on.

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Kingshurst LakeKingshurst Lake
Kingshurst Lake

The entrance to this lovely little lake is just 10 metres from our front door - excellent :-)
Ski TripSki Trip
Ski Trip

Buster and Diesel take Glynn for a walk!
Puffed OutPuffed Out
Puffed Out

When Diesel doesn't want to move, nobody moves!!

10th June 2007

hey Jude and Glynn, do you already know when you will come to Germany? When you are in the Black Forest, you definitely have to come over to Freiburg, too!!!! So please let me know as soon as possible when you will be here so that I'm not away but am in Freiburg to meet you both! Greetings, Andrea

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