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June 2nd 2007
Published: June 2nd 2007
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Make a Wish, JishMake a Wish, JishMake a Wish, Jish

Look, it's a birthday cake with Jish on it!
It's almost been a week since we arrived back in the UK and life has been ticking over quietly. On Monday, Glynn made up for my crappy birthday in Buenos Aires by conjouring up a fantastic birthday cake with a big picture of Jish on it! Later, we spent a happy few hours looking at all the parcels we sent home on our travels and I'm chuffed to say that my kimono from Japan fits like a dream :-) Reading our postcards from all around the world has also been entertaining although it's made us both wish we were still out there on the road.

On the practical side, Glynn's been odd jobbing around the house, doing all the stuff that his folks have been saving for a strong pair of hands - and they don't come much stronger than Glynn's! At the moment, he's stuck up in the attic laying loft boards and installing a loft ladder so that we can store all our stuff properly instead of balancing boxes on the roof beams. We've also been busy updating CVs and begun to apply for jobs online. We've even tried to remember how to cook a meal that
Bread BrothersBread BrothersBread Brothers

Glynn shows his little brother Lee how to make the perfect loaf - once he quits posing for the camera that is!
doesn't involve pasta and sauce out of a jar. It's scary what you forget when you don't do it for a while....

On the sad side, I spent a whole day filling out our first stage application to move to New Zealand only to find we don't have enough points after all. You need 100 and for some reason we only score 90. It's a bit confusing as the quick points indicator says that we have 105. Somewhere, somehow, there's something I must be missing - I wish I knew what it was! I'm determined not to give up on this though as we know that Christchurch is the place we want to settle and if my dream to travel the world can come true, then why not this too?


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