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December 31st 2006
Published: January 1st 2007
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It seems that India just wasn't meant to be....

Got randomly attacked and bitten by a dog on a small street in Pushkar, after popping out of my hotel to get some water. It literally just went at me for no reason - it was lying on the ground and I was just walking past. Hobbled back to my hotel, and was completely freaked out as hadn't had my rabies jab, and the wound was quite deep. The lovely man from the hotel took me to the local hospital (on the back of a motorbike!) which was FILTHY and literally looked like a World War II bomb shelter. Either that, or it reminded me of the S-21 torture prison I went to in Cambodia - just a dirty stone building with blackened walls and rusty furniture. A really kind Australian girl from my hotel had come with me, which I was so grateful for.

Saw the 'doctor' there, who prescribed me various rabies and tetanus jabs and various pills, and then the kind hotel man who'd taken me there and the Aussie girl had to go buy all the stuff (including needles!) on the street somewhere as the hospital didn't have anything except a man sitting at a desk.... Then got jabbed sitting on a dusty rusting bed by a random man who didn't use antisceptic, didn't clean the wound and just told me to 'wash with soap and water'. Was completely pretrified!

To cut a long story short - not only needed a course of 5 rabies vaccinations over the next month, it turned out I also needed an emergency immuglobulin-something shot which isn't available in India. Plus, having to hunt around in desert towns for a clean hospital and rabies vaccination isn't the best idea.

Soooo, hired a car to drive me back to Jaipur, to Heidi, in the middle of the night, and have had to come home - mum booked me a flight home for the next day.

Arrived back in the evening, and was whisked away to A+E to get this emergency jab - was there till 2am, because it had been so hard to get hold of the drug (mum had been calling around all day) - it had to be couriered in from the Institute of Infectious Diseases in London.

Am absolutely gutted I've had to cut my trip short - hadn't even seen the best bits of India yet and was so excited about my plans for the next few weeks. But on the otherhand, I guess safety comes first and meant I got to spend a lovely New Year with Adam.

And so this travel blog comes to an unexpected end. But watch this space - there will definitely be more adventuyres to come, if I have my way!! Thanks so much for reading it and keeping up with my travels, and for all your emails and messages over the last few months. Hope you enjoyed it! at home - call me, let's catch up!! Can't wait to see you all.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HAPPY NEW YEAR xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


5th January 2007

Hope you are doing ok!
Read what happen to you in India. Hope you are doing better. I read all your Blog, wish I did what you did, travel the world before going into the working world after college. Life is like a spider web now, bind me up so much that I cannot get away. You are very brave to travel by yourself. I envy you. If you like to chat, my email is Later.......

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