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October 25th 2015
Published: October 25th 2015
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I cannot believe how long it has been since my last blog. The truth was because soon after Japan I had depression, it was absolutely heartbreaking leaving my boyfriend whom I haven't seen for 8 months after just ten days of being together and so I just couldn't face writing although all the details of my trip are still up here, I'll write them down later. I had felt so weak since before the summer, it was lie genuine heartbreak and I was crying everyday for 4 months but it was a hard thing to describe to my dad how I was feeling so I had to do it alone. It was like 8 months of planning, wishful thinking and working in the worst jobs disappeared suddenly in a short period, but it was totally worth the tears and sleepless nights.

Depression can cause all sorts of problems in a relationship, particularly a long distance one, it causes suspicion, anxiety and weakens the heart-- it was a lonely time for me. This was at a critical point in my college life too, I had just filled out my forms to UCAS for university and had already began looking at universities before my trip so this was a serious deal.

Some how I was determined to get a Distinction star in my BTEC Diploma, I was going to do the best and it became my best work ever in my entire education as I got a D*D*D* on my certificates for both years resulting to 840 UCAS Points. This means I handed in all the work my teachers asked me for and much more to get top awards.

Over summer I managed to get another job to save for uni life at a golf course called Adventure Golf: Pirate Cove where I worked on a lake for pedalos as well as in a gift shop and around a golf course; it was the most different thing I had done before, compared with waiting.

Now I have moved to York, the first place I have lived that's far away from both my mum and dad alone. I immediately fell in love with the city and the people, it's a massive contrast to my home town in Dartford. People are helpful and approachable, although homelessness is more obvious the richness in culture is much more evident. I cannot wait to take my boyfriend here to visit one day.

Sometimes it hits me that I am actually in uni, I think this time last year I was writing about how impossible it would be for me to go and how I'd never be able to get a good job abroad, but through hard work and perseverance I'm here. But the hard work does not stop here, there's lots to consider, lots of planning for year 2 which will be in Japan and also being organised with my work.

I have also made a huge group of amazing friends from all over York; from the Japanese and TESOL course to my neighbours and also just talking and socialising I meet new people everyday. My life could not be better and I do not regret my decision at all moving far away, although I do miss my cat and dad is missing me too. I'll have to see what happens

My beautiful boyfriend is now applying for a position at a uni, he wants to become a doctor so I am always trying to support him and encourage his work, I know he'll make a find doctor.


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