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Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Sheffield April 19th 2019

The weather outside today is really nice. It looks like we have brought the Tenerife weather with us. We have a hire car booked to pick up from Manchester airport for 12 mid-day, but have decided that commencing our journey to Gatwick Airport on Wednesday morning would be better done before then. We thought we would chance our luck and see if we could get the car earlier. Luckily, the semi grumpy driver from the hotel offered to take us directly to the rental centre, so we did not have to lug all our bags onto the rental centre bus. He sounded like he had already had a busy morning and was being given the run around a little, but a tip soon brought a smile to his face. We arrived at the rental centre at ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Sheffield October 13th 2018

If you visit Sheffield and look to see. There is a brief window of time when the low, October, Autumn-sun sets low over the city, towards the Peak District. The setting golden light is caught within my compact flat. Last year, October light was new to me. New flat, new wall but I was still aware of it. Now, a 2nd year. October visits again - I am ready. Soft, velvet light floods across the wall in one diagonal shard, deepening the colours of all the objects it touches. In this moment of time, the wall is made up of an assortment of pure illumination of varying sorts. dried festival flowers. Yarn. Chinese vases. Tibetan women captured in polaroid time All dance in natural, Autumn light The poetry of things. The room sparkles with rainbows cast ... read more
sheffield lies on the horizon
at the top

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Conisborough August 9th 2018

This morning we decided to take a different route over the peaks so made our way to the A57 and over Snake Pass to Ladybower Reservoir. We stopped briefly at the reservoir mainly to take a couple of photos that show how low the water level is. We took one photo looking north towards the Derwent Reservoir and another from the A6013 looking north-westerly. We re-programmed the SatNav for Roche Abbey and continued on the A57 towards Sheffield. Siri helped us to negotiate through Sheffield and then onto the A630 before directing us to the M1 motorway heading south. We were only on the M1 for a few miles before Siri guided us onto the M18 heading north at the next interchange. At the first interchange on the M18 we exited onto the A631 towards Gainsborough. ... read more
Ladybower Reservoir from the A6013
Roche Abbey
Roche Abbey from the other side of the stream

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Doncaster August 6th 2018

With the weather forecast brilliant again today we headed off over the Howden Moors in the Peak District National Park towards Brodsworth, near Doncaster. Bernie has paired his phone with the SatNav in the Golf using Apple CarPlay so we’ve got the navigation sorted. Thank goodness Siri is telling him where to go and not me. I don’t know why, but he is so much more patient with Siri than he is with me! We were directed onto the A628 towards Tintwistle. Actually, Siri and the road signs said to follow the route towards Sheffield, I just wanted to record that we passed through Tintwistle! There is a series of reservoirs in the valley alongside the A628 and we could not believe how low the water is. We have never seen any English reservoirs so low ... read more
Morning Room
Dining Room

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Rotherham October 28th 2017

So where have we been today ? Elsecar - an industrial site just outside of Rotherham. I had always wanted to visit Elsecar since I studied the industrial revolution for my degree. It has taken over 20 year to get here. The weather was cold and chilly but for Autumn it actually was not that bad. To be fair we have had a reasonable Indian Summer. Long may it last. But before we get to Elsecar a lot has happened over the last few weeks . So we have to go back a little way and backtrack to our recent holiday in Europe . You probably remember the weather, the puncture, the wait for our tyre and our chat with the Globecar owners. On our first morning we woke up and felt quite subdued as we ... read more
Pit head stock
The Wentworth engine
Old signs

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Barnsley August 3rd 2016

What better place to be on Yorkshire Day than Yorkshire? I find myself heading north to south on the M1 and turned off into Barnsley. I think I have been to Barnsley 3 or 4 times in my life before – always for football - but never really looked round the town centre. I think my last visit was possibly in 1989 - a 4 – 0 defeat in the FA Cup. Cup Fever was cancelled for another year. It was Freddy Freestone’s swansong in a Chelsea shirt, albeit he took a few months to make his way home to Swansea. I can distinctly remember a cold, cold Friday night in the early 1980s too. In those days, town centres on away days were a dangerous place and the usual sightseeing was determined by exactly where ... read more
War Memorial
Dickie Bird Statue
Barnsley Town Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Sheffield August 2nd 2016

That great body of Hindu writing the Dhammapada says that "Even if the water falls drop by drop it will fill the pot". So it does. Each day adds a drop of time like water dripping into a pot . It brings us closer to our last trip of the year to Europe. It is only 32 days until we leave for Cabbage Lane Caravan Park and head for the continent. Only 10 working days. Suzy has moved slightly. We started her engine up yesterday and whilst she was chugging away we rang the company that tracks her for us. It is five years since she was fitted with her tracker. Attached to her is something that talks to the satelites and then relays information to the tracking company. It is like an electronic tag on ... read more
Part of an old steam engine
The hamlet with its cottages and workshops
More dwellings and workshops

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Doncaster June 7th 2016

Today was a day of two halves. A house the first half and the garden the second. I have a plan. My plan is to go somewhere every week. My plan includes drawing a circle of about 50 miles from our home. 50 miles takes us about 35 minutes of travel. My plans include finding somewhere different to go to every week or so. So last week we went to Worksop to the lovely house of Mr Straw. Today the sun was beaming down, summer has arrived and I was in the books around the house trying to find something to see and something to do. Two choices came to mind - the first was to go to Abbeydale Hamlet in Sheffield. A bit of industrial history. The other choice Brodsworth Hall an English Heritage house ... read more
The hallway
Hiding my modesy
The small drawing room

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire October 25th 2015

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last blog. The truth was because soon after Japan I had depression, it was absolutely heartbreaking leaving my boyfriend whom I haven't seen for 8 months after just ten days of being together and so I just couldn't face writing although all the details of my trip are still up here, I'll write them down later. I had felt so weak since before the summer, it was lie genuine heartbreak and I was crying everyday for 4 months but it was a hard thing to describe to my dad how I was feeling so I had to do it alone. It was like 8 months of planning, wishful thinking and working in the worst jobs disappeared suddenly in a short period, but it was totally worth ... read more
The Great Wall of York
Picture of my in Kyoto

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire September 4th 2015

early rise and off for a nice breakfast and walk around before collecting the car. After a nice cuppa, I go for a walk to find the Sheffield Memorial statue and Hall. The buildings construction is amazing. I found a dinky pub not far - the Sheffieldman Rock Bar. The names they have for their pub's all have some sort of meaning - and seem quite inviting. The costa coffee is at the edge of the peace garden where i have taken more shots from different angles. What a small but so relaxing place to enjoy and relax. Time to head back and check out - then onto collecting the little Skoda I have booked for my drive to Derbyshire. Had to take a photo of Henderson's factory, the sauce that is better than Worcestershire by ... read more

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