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April 6th 2012
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Glenn & Nooni's HouseGlenn & Nooni's HouseGlenn & Nooni's House

We are arriving to begin our day out in the country.
We had a lovely day in the Cotswolds. Seeing such interesting places like Blenheim Palace, Stow-on-the-Wold, Chipping Norton and Bourton-on-the-Water. How could we go wrong with names like these? Most of the places were smallish towns or even villages. We were looking for a real country pub that was off the beaten track for lunch and saw a small sign on the A44 for the small village of Broadwell. We were able to travel down the country lane just like in the movies where someone must give way to get two cars to pass each other. The village was lovely and "The Fox Inn" was just what we had wanted. The village has about 300 residents and was just as quaint as we had wanted it.

Driving on the other side of the road was a little hectic and, although Jim did a good job, we were all relieved to get home about 4:00. We were all intact, including the car. We all voted to walk to dinner. It is so much more comfortable than driving and you don't have to be searching for a parking spot all the time.

Going to Hemel Hempstead today to see our daughter
Blenheim PalaceBlenheim PalaceBlenheim Palace

This is the country seat of the Duke of Marlborough, but he wasn't in residence. Must have heard we were coming.
Peggy's friend that has moved here from New Zealand.

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Blenheim PalaceBlenheim Palace
Blenheim Palace

The family only lives in part of the wing on the left. This is the front entrance.
Up to the front doorUp to the front door
Up to the front door

We were not allowed to take pictures while in the Palace. Winston Churchill was born here, and loved to spend time here in his later years.
Part of the formal GardensPart of the formal Gardens
Part of the formal Gardens

The gardens were quite spectacular.
Pigeons in a bushPigeons in a bush
Pigeons in a bush

We got very close to these 2 pigeons eating the new leaves off this bush.
The lower terraceThe lower terrace
The lower terrace

The grounds were all just perfect.

Looks like King James surveying his domain.
Great ExpanseGreat Expanse
Great Expanse

The grounds went for a long way on both sides of the Palace
The Back DoorThe Back Door
The Back Door

Almost as ornate as the front.
Gates leavingGates leaving
Gates leaving

These were beautiful and made you feel as if you had really been somewhere.
Cotswold country-sideCotswold country-side
Cotswold country-side

The Cotswolds are small towns and villages with great views of the country-side and the farms.
The Fox InnThe Fox Inn
The Fox Inn

What a perfect place for our lunch. We got there a few minutes before 2:00 and they were closing at 2:30 so we barely made it. They stop taking food orders at 2:00.
Jim's Lamb Shank MealJim's Lamb Shank Meal
Jim's Lamb Shank Meal

Chrissy and I had Cottage Pie, but Jim opted for the lamb shank. This is before with the salt shaker in his hand.

I don't need to tell you that he enjoyed the lamb.
Across the roadAcross the road
Across the road

This pretty place was just across the road from the inn.

Wonderful looking farmhouse.
Country LaneCountry Lane
Country Lane

We followed quite a few of these.
Bramble FenceBramble Fence
Bramble Fence

This was quite an intimidating bramble fence with the field beyond it.
Neufield CollegeNeufield College
Neufield College

Back in Oxford and walking to dinner in the Oxford Castle where they have renovated the old buildings to house a posh hotel and several restaurants.
The Castle MoundThe Castle Mound
The Castle Mound

The Oxford Castle was for defense and also a prison. The first line of defense was the castle mound.

8th April 2012

We love the Cotswolds!
Lesley, Jeff, Lesley's Mom and I had a wonderful time in the Cotswolds some years ago. The little towns and country roads / hills were definitely some of the most memorable places we visited. We stayed near Chippen Camden in a wonderful inn. Our bedroom dated from the 15th century.

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