Visting the Merry Men, and seeing Man U in action!

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March 8th 2007
Published: August 28th 2007
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old oak tree old oak tree old oak tree

One of the oldest oak trees in Sherwood Forest
Well another weekender to talk of - and some time spent watching the likes of Ronaldo and Rooney! But first, our latest weekend trip saw a visit to Sherwood Forest, outside of Nottingham.

Folklore, old wives tale and numerous over-hyped movies all tell the story of Robin Hood and his merry men asailing through Sherwood forest, stealing from the rich, ya-da ya-da, so on and so forth etc.

So we drove down in Sheryl to see what we could find. The forest has been setup for the families to visit, with

This week we had the opportunity to go to the Manchester United vs. Lille game at Old Trafford, played as part of the UEFA Champions League. We were expecting something similar to an AFL game, but were met with a much louder and vocal crowd!! The atmosphere was incredible, and the singing from the Lille supporters was organized and very loud.

The game itself wasn't out of the ordinary for a football game, Manchester won the game 1-0 with a header from Henrik Larsson, setup by Christiano Ronaldo. But it was great to see the top footballers in action, and to be a part of the whole circus. It was more like a fair -There were hot dog stands everywhere, thousands of people and hundreds of red shirts and scarves.

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Stacey with BikeStacey with Bike
Stacey with Bike

On our way back, waiting for the ferry to Windermere.

15th April 2007

We caught about 4kgs of prawns beautiful !and we saw a fishing boat stuck sideways in the middle of the Entrance very silty at the moment, then we thought we heard deer splashing about but t'was dolphins which were fishing in the shallows, they jumped almost out of the water then flapped down to collect the fish, the dolphins were everywhere around us it was dark, quite weird but amazing!they sounded like somebody with a cold and a wheeze trying to swim. 'It's quarter to 3 and there's noone in the place' gotta go to bed before I write something sily Toodles and Love to youboth Take care.
29th August 2007

Major Oak
I have not been to Sherwood for years and glad to see the Major Oak is still alive and well Chris Threerooms Nottingham

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