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January 22nd 2012
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Hello all from Liverpool! Life is great over here in the UK. I am busy writing lesson plans and reading about British history. I am very grateful that I took the British history seminar and not the American seminar. I have had a lot of British history, but I am afraid that history classes in America do not dwell on British history for long and do not do it justice. During lunch breaks I often find myself staring at the timeline of monarchs on the walls trying to study a culture that by first glance seems so much like America, but in reality is very different.

This week I took over the year 8 class (which would be equivalent to 7th grade in the U.S.). Both lessons went well. I have a lot of ideas on how to improve, but overall I felt very good about both of them. I told the class that we would be studying a unit called "People and Protests" that happened during British history. One boy spoke up and asked me "Miss do you even know any British history?" This 12 year old asked a rather valid question, for I fear most Americans do not even know their own history, let alone another country's history. I am confident in my ability to teach British history, because I am confident in my ability to learn. Everywhere I go I am soaking up as much knowledge as I can and from another perspective. It is fascinating to see what the British schools emphasize while studying World War II compared to what American schools dwell upon. I am constantly taking notes on how to make sure I am teaching from different perspectives when I have my own class.

This weekend I went to York. There was a group of us from Liverpool Hope that went on a tour around the city. The tour guide kept mentioning past monarchs that had been in the building we were standing in. I was wide eyed and excited the whole time, but I could tell many others were confused. He mentioned King Charles stayed there before the civil war broke out. I took many mental notes because next week I am teaching about the civil war. We walked along the city's walls that were built by the Romans and went into the minster. It just amazes me how beautiful and ornate the architecture is in European buildings. It is incredible to think they had the capability back then to build those buildings and I wonder where that artistry and efficiency has gone.

Next weekend I am off to Edinburgh. I am busy trying to make other travel plans and book flights. While I am here I am determined to make the most of this experience. Hope all is well with everyone!

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