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September 20th 2013
Published: September 21st 2013
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Usually field trips are exciting days when you miss class for the day. Unfortunately that is not the case in England. We went on Friday, September 20th when the university does not have school allowing all the students to travel Europe. We went to the town of Lincoln where we took a step in the past all the way back to 48 A.D. when the Romans were running everything!

We started the day by being divided into 4 different groups. My group began on a self-guided tour of the town of Lincoln, then to the Castle, off to the Cathedral, and ending with the Roman ruins. During the self-guided tour we walked around the streets looking at the cute store shops opening for the day. They had coffee and tea shops, boutiques, chocolate shops, and thrift stores. We walked down a giant hill not realizing that there was not going to be an easier way up. When we reached the bottom we had to turn around to hike back to the top to head to the castle. They did not call this cobbled stone hill, steep hill for nothing. It was absolutely horrible. There were benches and rails along the sides where many people stopped to catch their breath. We finally made it to the top panting while we watched others go down hoping they knew what the hike back up would be like.

Once we reached the top of steep hill, we made a left straight to the castle. As we entered we saw group of Harlaxton students laying on the grass eating some of the packed lunch we were given. We learned that the castle was closed for repairs and we could only walk on top of the gates of the castle wall which took very little time. This walk allowed us took look over the medieval city. This soon turned into a realizing hour to lay in the grass, hang out, and have our lunch early.

We then made our way to the Cathedral that was first built by the Normans in the 11th century. The Lincoln Cathedral was the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen. The gothic structures and stain class windows were exquisite on the outside but once you stepped inside the Cathedral seemed to never end. One of our British Studies teacher, Dr. Green led our group through the Cathedral providing stories and meaning behind every detail possible. A tour that was planned for an hour took about an hour and a half! It was a beautiful Cathedral that pictures and words can not describe.

We left the Cathedral to head over the the Roman ruins. We say many walls that now act as fences for the owners of many homes. We say an old aqueduct that sat in someones backyard. We were all amazed that these walls were so old but so effectively used today.

The field trip then ended with half the school wondering into a fudge shop. I ended up purchasing fudge that I am hoping will make it home with me. But honestly how long can fudge last in anyone''s room? The field trip was interesting but the Cathedral was really the main part that grabbed everyone's attention.


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