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September 21st 2013
Published: September 21st 2013
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Today was another early morning but for a much better reason, a day of shopping in the small town of York, England. This town is still centered around the narrow cobble stone paths and buildings stacked right next to each other. York still had the old town British feeling after all the years it has survived.

We started down a road and began to enter all the little shops! Danika and Kristina knew many of the Boutiques that we were entering. It first began as a fun game to guess the prices but soon we became discourage by the high prices. We eventually found many other boutiques that were a lot closer to our price range.

The streets were buzzing with people rushing to experience the York Food Festival or entertainers on the street. There was a purple statue man, juggler, and musicians at every corner. The streets were packed but we continued to shop.

We talked to a woman folding clothes since she noticed our accents. We found this so strange since some will get really exciting when they find out we are from America. The woman was making fun of some of the words we said along with some of their own. We learned that lady bugs are called lady birds. She loved learning about other words we said which really amazed us cause all we want to do is listen to her accent.

The day was long but really fun to look through all the boutiques. We are learning more about the British Fashion which can be a lot more comfortable and fit a lot better. To bad I do not have the wallet or luggage size to take it all back home with me.


22nd September 2013

Glad to see your having a great time
I had to go back in time to figure out where this blog was. Enjoy, I wish I could have done that when I was young.

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