Published: July 9th 2010
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We had to buy a tow car today. It HAD to be today. After scouring the autotrader, ebay and every corner of the internet it became clear that we had a choice of just two cars. The first of these was a BMW525 in Thetford. The owner had to sell it by the weekend and the car looked good for the money. We messaged him yesterday and offered to view and collect asap. He didn’t bother messaging us back so obviously wasn’t that desperate.

This left the second car, which by chance was only 15 miles from us. We went to view and found it wasn’t in bad condition, drove ok and had a long MOT. The deal was done and we drove away in a Rover.
Of all the cars you could tow a caravan with, no other can project the image of caravanning to the public better than the Rover 800. The interior, with its fake walnut veneer and masses of velour, has been designed to make the owner feel like they are sitting in a chesterfield in front of a sideboard. A cheap reproduction velour chesterfield in front of a cheap reproduction veneered sideboard. And when I say masses of velour, I mean masses. If velour came from an animal this car would have made the species extinct.

Now came the worst thing about owning a Rover. Other people finding out. I had to confess the purchase to Clive. After much laughing he passed comment. “A Rover….. which model? …..the 820! …Oh my god, the head gasket will go as soon as you drive it up the road!”
Well not so far Fulcher.

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10th July 2010

Glad it's holding together. Only windows going wrong so far then ? Not bad.

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