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November 11th 2009
Published: November 11th 2009
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An intruigingly dressed Sarah
The serious business of counting down the days until we leave has now begun in earnest, with this time next week being d-day for flying out of the UK to start our trip in Bangkok. Our final weeks at work have been relatively relaxed affairs, speak for yourself Matt, I've had loads to do and your weeks at work are always relaxed affairs unlike mine, and promise to continue in this vain for the remaining two days of 9-5 life, before spending our final few pre-trip days in Leicester and Birmingham saying goodbye to assorted relatives and enduring many hours worrying about what the hell we’re doing.

People’s current question when they meet us is “are you getting excited yet?” … and I would dearly love to give a resoundingly positive answer, but the truth of the matter is that (at present) I’m finding it really difficult to comprehend what we’re letting ourselves in for, let alone get excited about it all. I’ve no doubt that the cocktail of feelings that are bubbling through our bloodstreams at the moment have a significant amount of anticipation and excitement, but the current overwhelming feeling that I’m experiencing is a complete inability to process and rationalise all that lies ahead of us. Monday to Friday 9-5 life has become such a routine for both of us that breaking away from it for a while still seems nothing more than mere fantasy, despite the very real and very imminent prospect of it actually happening. But in the fleeting moments of emotional clarity that we both seem to be sporadically experiencing, we can’t wait to get out there and get the trip started. The other question that seems to be being asked quite a lot is "Have you decided what you are taking with you? You won't be able to take much will you?" My response is often very vague as I am still really unsure of what to take. I can only take what I can carry and have limited space in my (very pretty) travelpack. I tried packing all of the stuff that I accumulated and it fit quite comfortably. However, I now have another huge pile of items that (I think) i need so round two of packing is going to begin tonight. I just hope that I am taking enough of everything, I do not travel light but really must on this occasion. No hair straighteners. :-( Matt on the other hand has not packed anything and will probably be sorted before me. Jammy.

The last 6 weeks has been a mixture of readying our house for it’s new tenant (brother Goddard), spending unexpectedly large amounts of money getting items we need for the trip (malaria pills, yellow fever jabs, travel insurance, backpacks, new camera … I could go on) and making visits around the country to get ourselves into various states of inebriation with our friends and family one last time before we don’t see you for 7 months. Between us we’ve hit the mean streets of Cardiff, Matlock, Sheffield, York, London, Loughborough, Birmingham and of course Leicester … in fear of forgetting to name one or two people I’ll refrain from individual thanks, so a massive thanks to you all who provided us with warmth, shelter, alcohol and (most importantly of all) your company. Whilst we’ll undoubtedly miss you all, we’re sure that the months of sunshine, cheap beer and foreign revelry will go some way to counter-acting the pain we feel inside.

So there we go. Our bags are (nearly) packed, our house is (nearly) sorted

The Hen
for Andy, our farewells have (nearly) all been said. You could say we’re ready to go. Well, nearly ready anyway.

If we don’t see you in the next 7 days, then we’ll see you in 7 months time!

Matt & Cate x

PS. In order to break up the text we’ve inserted some of the random photos we’ve taken recently. Exciting times.

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teaching Rob a lesson in Pool.

One of these pair is watching the football on the big screen, can you guess who?

Time for an afternoon nap. Where better than Millso's breasts?!

Finley looking ridiculously cute whilst eating.

Finley gets salad to eat, and poor old Noah is left with only a toy car to nibble on :-)

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