Finally Arrived at Capernwray

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October 24th 2011
Published: October 3rd 2011
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Finally arrived at Capernwray after the first major delays of any trip I’ve ever taken. First, customs took like two hours at the airport just because of a huge line (which apparently I could have bypassed because I’m a student :/) , then, I met Kathy and later Alex while waiting for the coach (we missed the 9:30 one because of customs). That coach finally took us to Victoria coach station where we had some debate but then eventually found the right spot and a bunch of other Capernwray students awaiting that coach. That also was delayed, not leaving until after 1:00 when it was supposed to leave at 12. The coach ride wasn’t so bad at first, we got to see some cool parts of London that had old style apartments with fancy roofs/windows but by this point not sleeping on the plane was catching up with me. I sat next to Alex, both of us are pretty broad shouldered so that probably was not the best idea. I was hanging out into the aisle the entire ride while drifting in and out of consciousness. After about 3-4 hours we pulled over at a standard rest stop area and stretched our legs for about 45 minutes. Here we met *Jordan* from Vancouver, another Capernwray student, and talked to him for a while before jumping back on the bus. Now we are all thinking Ok, they told us 5 hours to Capernwray so 5 minus 3-4=only an hour or two left right? Wrong. It was at least another 4 hours until we actually arrived at Capernwray at about 8:30 PM, just in time to miss dinner, have a meeting and be off to bed. The bus ride was as long as the flight across the Atlantic…That’s just not right. Alas there is some good news! Capernwray is amazing, at least on the exterior the castle part is as much as I could ask for. On the inside it is fairly modern with plastered walls and wooden bunkbeds, I was kind of hoping the awesome stone on the outside would be reflected on the inside, but I guess that would be a bit impractical. Also, we have one of the largest classes in a long time, over 170 students (120 girls 50+ boys). And the counselors I’ve met so far seem really cool. There are supposedly 4-5 other kids from Wisconsin and about the same number from Germany, but I have so far only met two Germans, and no one else from Wisconsin. My two roommates are named Trevor and Jacob. Trevor is from California and Jacob is from an American missionary family that lives in Japan, and both of them are really friendly. In half an hour chapel starts, then we have lunch and a pretty free afternoon. I’m going to try to meet some more people and maybe take a few pictures for the blog during that freetime. As well as figure out how the internet situation is going to work.


3rd October 2011

Gr'ma & gr'pa Kalsow liked your blog:)
Hi Isaac, what an exciting trip for you, one you\'ll remember for a long time:) We're happy you arrived at your destination safe and sound. We look forward to reading your next blog. Again Happy Birthday, Love you, gr'ma & gr'pa

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