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January 25th 2012
Published: January 25th 2012
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This is where we will be for 3 months! Beautiful.

As you can tell from Jo's current location, I havent yet set left to meet Saul down under but I wanted to set this up a week before I left! So its officially a week until I get on the flight and meet Saul in Oz!! I have been getting very excited, nervous and scared these last few weeks. A lot of changes have occured for me. I have moved out of my house in Didsbury, sold mine and Saul's baby!! 😊 (our car), quit my job at the nursey and moved back into my mum's house in Blackpool! Wow this better be worth it! 😊

As most of you know, Saul has very kindly set up a Fruit picking job for 3 months for us starting the 8th February 2012. After doing my Belly blast off DVD this morning (in preparation for beach body) I am not entirely sure how much money I will earn picking fruit for 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, being paid for what we pick! Apart from trying to get slightly fitter for the physical work, I have been doing a lot of research and preparing myself mentally for the job. Saul sent me the website of the location where we will be and it actually looks gorgeous. Apparently on our days off we can relax by the sea and have BBQ's so actually life doesn't seem so bad afterall! 😊

Here is the link of where we will be from the 8th february 2012...


Last weekend was my leaving party with my friends and I realised just how much i am actually going to miss everyone. Usually I am ok at goodbyes and always try to look at the brighter side, however the thought of not seeing some of them for 5 months, was really hard to accept and will miss them a lot.

But as they say, well Becky from Coronation street said, 😊...

People who look back and can't let go never fly high

Things for me this week include, going to Belgium tomorrow to say farewell to my dad and Belge family! Then saturday, having my 5th Leaving party with my mum and sister with my favourite Dominos! 😊 Feels like I have been saying Bye for about 2 years now and I actually can't wait to go. However I know how hard it will be saying bye to my best friend.. My big sis and bump because when I come back for 1 month, she will be with my Niece or Nephew!! 😊 I will be leaving the Uk just a sister and coming back an Auntie too! 😊

This year is our year and I can't wait to start this Journey.

Hope you will all be able to follow this blog and we will try and update it as much as possible!!

Ciao for now,

Jo and Saul x


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