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February 4th 2012
Published: February 4th 2012
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Its day 3 for Jo and wow what a trip it has been already! My flight was good, it all went very smoothly apart from a slight 1 hour 20 minute delay at heathrow due to technical problems with the power of the plane which meant me almost missing my flight in Bangkok and having to run literally from one plane to another. The plane was nice, modern and the food and drinks were actually good for airplane food!

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a very dark skinned Saul in his shorts and thongs! 😊 It was such a nice reunion! ahh. We then got the bus into the city which took about 20 minutes, then a train from CBD- central business district to Mentone. Walking back from the station was so surreal, it felt like being in San Fransisco, the streets and pavements are very wide and all the houses are detached and with lovely outdoor areas with swings. After a couple of beers, we crashed out as I was still swaying from side to side from the Plane.

After a surprising 8 hours sleep on the first night, we woke up feeling slightly more human. We got on the train to the city for a mini walk round and to sort our my sim card and opened my Ozzie Bank account! The city is absolutely Beautiful, its got huge tower blocks and the river running through it. Its very cosmopolitan and there are so many Beautiful people too! I decided to treat Saul to Breakfast too to thank him for all he has organised for me so far, BIG MISTAKE! Two fry ups and 2 cans of coke later, I was robbed of $30. I know people warned us it was expensive here but it really is expensive! On Friday night we went out to a place called the Mentone Hotel which looks horrible from the outside but was actually very modern on the inside with a band playing. We had a rump steak and a beer, both absolutely FINE 😊 I learnt that you get jugs of beer here and share pots between people, basically half pint glasses.

Today, Saturday, I saw my first Possum and we went to the Beach. First of all a Possum is not what I expected at all! I was expecting a cute hedgehog like fluff ball, not quite case! They look like giant rats with huge tails! Horrible!. The beach was stunning, clear blue waters and sandy beach. I dipped my toes into the water after having just seen a jelly fish 2 inches from my feet and returned to the safe beach to catch some rays! Saul was braver and went for a swim!

Tonight, we are going to another little bar for some food and a drink, this time with Phil, Anna, Rob and some of their neighbours. Then tomorrow we are heading to Cobram, slightly earlier than planned to begin our fruit picking adventures!! Bring on the tan! 😊

So far its clear to say, I love Melbourne already!


Saul and Jo x

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4th February 2012

hey guys! thanks for the speedy update! It looks amazing!!!! Missing you lots already though!! We are going for a walk to Beacon fell today - its freezing but im sure it will be beautiful :-) Lots of love and keep in touch xxxx
4th February 2012

G'day over there!!
Looks like you have got off to an amazing start, hi to Saul!! Hope your fruit picking adventures go well, we are expected to have snow tomorrow so enjoy the sunshine for me! (Rubbish England!) Keep in touch as much as you can, and enjoy yourselves. Grosses bises!!! xxx

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