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May 1st 2015
Published: May 2nd 2015
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Day 1 - Birmingham to Dover: 207 Miles

So after a busy last day in the office fuelled by what must have been 57 cups of coffee, a quick stop at home for a shower and to finally pack some clothes, I picked up Dave F from the Jewellery Quarter and we bravely battled the rush hour traffic towards John's place in Quinton.

An incredibly dull start to the trip of a lifetime, but that of course is why we're going somewhere else now. In the park next to John's house however, we did manage to play our first hole of the longest-course-ever-played. Let me explain. We've packed 3 golf clubs and a few balls, and will create a hole of golf in every country we visit, using whatever local scenery seems like fun. The challenge on the Quinton 1st was to hit the target tree without sending your ball onto the M5 motorway. John came last, Dave 2nd, and I won the hole. There was no multi-vehicle pile up.

So having been told off by the guys for using up valuable boot space by bringing a bag of firewood along (There are no trees in Kazakhstan, and we'll probably have a campfire at some point. My logic is flawless), we set off south for Dover.

And because there is nothing more to say about the 4 hours it took to get to Dover, I'll sign off for tonight. The hostel is great...... The Castle, on Russell Street. Recommend it.

We'll get a valuable 3 1/4 hours sleep before we get up for the ferry to Dunkirk. Tomorrow, I'll talk about meercats.


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