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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover October 13th 2022

Not only did we do 9.25km of walking today, most of it was on the steep inclines of Dover Castle and the white cliffs. I’m exhausted! We headed over the Dover Castle right when it opened at 10:00. Before we got here, we had no idea how big it was. We started our tour with the Saxon church and Roman lighthouse at the Center of the grounds both of which were built pre-1000 AD. From there we went through the medieval castle built in the late 1100s. As the castle has been in continuous use since then, it has never fallen into ruins. It has been modified quite a bit over the centuries as is use shifted from imposing residence to an important defensive position. This was particularly true during the Napoleonic threat and WWII. There ... read more
Saxon church and Roman lighthouse .
Henry II’s throne room.
View from castle roof

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover October 12th 2022

Very eventful day today! We woke up early in Oxford and headed out for a wander through the Covered Market at 8:00. It’s a lot like Granville Island or Pike place - but likely older. We had a nice breakfast without any baked beans. From there we made our way over to Oxford Castle. We didn’t go in (because we didn’t think to book tickets in advance) but got to tour the grounds. It was mostly used as a prison from sometime in the 1600’s to the 1980’s. Now the cells have been converted to a luxury hotel. From there, we went back to Christ Church College where we did do the self-guided walking tour. The highlight was the dining hall which not only has been used for the same purpose for more than 500 years ... read more
Oxford castle
Us at the Christ church dining hall.
Lunch with Hannah and Felix.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover October 10th 2022

9th/10th October The Captain had obviously made the right decision not to go to Bergen yesterday as we heard there were Force 10 gales in the area. The plan to try and get ahead of the high winds worked and although a little bit bumpy through the evening it wasn’t too bad at all. So just a relaxing day, sipping coffees in the lovely surroundings of the library and watching the waves. Today I woke early to see the sun rise which soon changed to a misty morning but by lunchtime the skies cleared and the sea and sky gave lots of blue tones to enjoy. We will be sorry to leave the ship and our lovely cabin steward Mark and of course our special butler Ram ( A treat we wasn’t expecting). It’s been great ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover September 25th 2022

25th September - It has been a while ! For the past two years my travel blogs have been virtually with Heygo (Previously Virtualtrips). I have travelled all over the world with them and it has been fantastic especially during the long lockdowns, but it is now time to get back to real time travelling. Our initial plan was to be on a Baltic Cruise but with changes to certain Ports of Call & dates our original cruise was cancelled. So we find ourselves on a cruise around the British Isles and then on to the Norwegian Fjords. A lovely surprise letter arrived a few days before our departure, Saga have upgraded our cabin to a suite complete with butler, so Thankyou Saga. A good journey to Dover with our friendly Saga chauffeur, an efficient & ... read more
Our cabin on 11th Deck
A nice welcome.
Our cabin on 11th Deck

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover August 31st 2022

And we are off. Off to Switzerland, via France for a few days, for most of September. We’ve been pretty well occupied throughout July and August since our June trip to France. The garden has been looking absolutely splendid, helped by a lot of glorious weather and no battering of heavy wind and rain. The almost drought conditions of August have left it a bit dry in places but we have had no hosepipe ban and in fact have had some rain where lots of England has not. Gentle soft rain, the sort the flowers love. We’ve survived the British Heatwave which was supposedly going to kill tens of thousands as we’ve survived the Covid pandemic (so far at least and not surprising as we have both managed (touching wood) not to catch it 😊). I’ve ... read more
220831 Dover (1)
220831 Dover (2)
220831 Dover (6)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover August 11th 2022

A town and major ferry port in Kent in southeast England, Dover faces France across the Strait of Dover, the narrowest part of the English Channel, just 21 miles from Cap Gris Nez. Immortalized in books, movies, and songs (remember Vera Lynn?) over the years, the White Cliffs of Dover is the region of English coastline facing the Strait. The cliff face reaches a height of 350’ and owes its striking appearance to its composition of chalk, accented by streaks of black flint, deposited during the late Cretaceous period. The cliffs on both sides of the town stretch for 8 miles, and a section of coastline encompassing the cliffs was purchased by the National Trust in 2016. At this point, Britain is closest to continental Europe, and on a clear day (yes, they do get these ... read more
DSCN0260 (2)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover June 6th 2022

So looking forward to this trip. Our last summer motorhome holiday was 4 years ago June 2018. That was followed by a new knee op which cancelled the annual September trip, A year off while Bob got his heart sorted then 2020/2021 well Covid of course. We did have our trip to Spain via France in Feb / March but our main memories of that are Rain. Certainly not the winter sunshine break we had anticipated and doubt we would bother repeating it. Such a long way to go to find bad weather and we decided when we got back that we far prefer France to Spain, having spent one week of the trip travelling through France to get to Spain and back. France is easier, more familair, I speak the language so any future winter ... read more
06 2022 jubilee 1 (3)
06 2022 jubilee 1 (54)
06 2022 jubilee 1 (55)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover July 15th 2019

I’ve been on this boat for 4 hours and we’ve not gone anywhere yet. Apparently we are waiting for crew to get here from Heathrow, but it’s a lovely warm evening and I’m sat on deck supping a Tiger beer with my hubby, enjoying the view of the white cliffs of Dover. People who know us were very surprised that we chose to go on a cruise; we usually do everything on the cheap and never relaxed! However, I really wanted to go to Svalbard (which is half way between the top of Norway and the North Pole). Flying there would mean 3 flights: to Oslo, to Trømso and finally to Svalbard. It would take longer to get there and back than the amount of days you could afford to stay because it’s Norwegian and Norway ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover January 17th 2018

This morning, our group took a coach bus from our hotel to Dover. My only knowledge of Dover was that I'd heard the phrase "cliffs of Dover" before. I didn't know what else to expect. Sure enough, when we arrived from our two hour ride, we found a small town nestled against some white cliffs. It was charming. Our coach pulled into a large parking lot that was separated from the town by a small highway. A group of students went down to the water and started to splash around (even though it was quite chilly out). It was colder but beautiful near the water. A few of us walked over to check out a map. It seemed everyone was going to head to the cliffs. I wanted to use the restroom before hiking, so I ... read more
Hiking up the Cliffs
Dover Castle
Cliffs of Dover

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover June 29th 2017

The day began with a wake up call at 3:30 a.m. I got to the lobby for a cold buffet of cereal, cold cuts, sliced cheese, and various breads. We loaded up the bus at 4:45 a.m. We are a group of 28 people! I think I am the only person traveling alone. Everyone else is either married or with family. Quite a few people from America. YEAH! Lots of room to move around and plenty of space for my carry on! Our tour guide is Scott. Nice young man. Our driver is Luigi from Italy. We traveled south to Dover and to take the ferry over to Calais, France. We had to get off the bus before getting on the ferry so the French official can stamp our passports. The ferry ride took only 1 ... read more

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