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May 16th 2014
Published: May 29th 2014
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Waiting for Our Propane TankWaiting for Our Propane TankWaiting for Our Propane Tank

We had to drive out to the country to get our propane tank filled - a convenient bench was located here!
Yes, we have been in Chatham for quite some time and you have heard about our day trips out to explore the area, but we have done other things as well. We mention that we have been working on boat projects but what were they? It may look by the photos that only Bob has been working, but Janice has been busy too (really). You will notice that Bob has become quite attached to his new blue overalls that he got at the boat jumble!

We have also enjoyed socializing with friends, both “old ones – not implying age of course!” and new ones. Fortunately for us our friends, Peter and Bridget who we had met while in Trinidad lived close enough to us that they were able to drive up to join us for a very non-typical Easter dinner of enchiladas! It was great to catch up with them as well as introduce them to our other friends, Sandi and Colin that we first met while in London. We had a great time with our new friends, Toni and Martin (with their cat Louie) being treated to quite a feast every time we were on their boat. They introduced us to Peter and Janet who have now become friends of ours as well. What a wonderful community this is to be a part of.

We still enjoy viewing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets even when we are safely at a dock in a marina. We did some more provisioning filling the “holes” on the boat with food stuff as well as a few items from the local chandlery. We went with Sandi and Colin to check out what was called the English Heritage Day which was a family event complete with historic military encampments, rides for the kids, food stalls and an area with various animals such as rabbits, sheep, chickens and even a turtle!

We found Chatham to be an excellent place to get things done as well as a base to explore this part of the UK. The people that are “regulars” here at the marina were friendly and we made some very good friends here. We will let the photos tell some of the story of what filled in the rest of our time in Chatham.

Additional photos below
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A Sunny Day for the English Heritage DayA Sunny Day for the English Heritage Day
A Sunny Day for the English Heritage Day

lots of people enjoying the activities offered here
Many Small Animals on DisplayMany Small Animals on Display
Many Small Animals on Display

at the English Heritage Day
Reconnecting with Peter & BridgetReconnecting with Peter & Bridget
Reconnecting with Peter & Bridget

from White Rose - last time we saw them was in Trinidad -thanks for sharing a meal with us on Easter Sunday
Sandi & Colin - Friends We Made in LondonSandi & Colin - Friends We Made in London
Sandi & Colin - Friends We Made in London

and have continued to enjoy while in Chatham. They also shared Easter dinner with us!
Galley or Workspace?Galley or Workspace?
Galley or Workspace?

Guess for now Bob has priority here with his tools
The Local Swans in the MarinaThe Local Swans in the Marina
The Local Swans in the Marina

decided to visit Tsamaya one day
Bob doing "Boat Yoga"Bob doing "Boat Yoga"
Bob doing "Boat Yoga"

in the lazarette working on one of many projects
Bob At It Again!Bob At It Again!
Bob At It Again!

Any project on the boat means it gets torn apart in order to get at all the tools needed! Fortunately it goes back together quickly too.
A View from TsamayaA View from Tsamaya
A View from Tsamaya

while at the dock in the marina in Chatham
When It Is for Marine UseWhen It Is for Marine Use
When It Is for Marine Use

the cost goes up - this one was a little over $300!!
The Local Shopping MallThe Local Shopping Mall
The Local Shopping Mall

within easy walking distance of the marina
Defrosting the FreezerDefrosting the Freezer
Defrosting the Freezer

One of Bob's "favorite" projects - Janice is just too short - too bad isn't it??
Martin and "Louie" Martin and "Louie"
Martin and "Louie"

Louie warmed up to us after being around him a few times - thanks for letting us get close!
Lunch at the Rochester Sailing ClubLunch at the Rochester Sailing Club
Lunch at the Rochester Sailing Club

Thanks Peter and Janet for the nice lunch & outing - with Martin and Toni, and new folks we met Bob and Martiene
Chatham Marina is SecureChatham Marina is Secure
Chatham Marina is Secure

with a code to get in the gate - a nice plus!
This Sailing Barge is the RYA OfficeThis Sailing Barge is the RYA Office
This Sailing Barge is the RYA Office

which offers sailing and powerboat lessons here at the Chatham Marina

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