On parade in Manchester

Published: July 22nd 2006
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So this morning I got up much too early after staying up much too late and went down with Coley to met up with a youth group he has been working with. All of us smushed into a little mini bus and drove to Manchester which takes about 25 mins ish from here. After getting out we found where the parade began, the girls had made t-shirts and were to walk in it swinging poi they had made with Coley. After a bite to eat and a look around the square and at all the costumes I found myself with the group second one in the parade!! Ahed of us were four girls all done up head to toe in Gold, I think they were the comical relief as everywhere we walked the would do whatever they wanted, but noone ever spoke, jumping poles on the side, making weird stances, pretending to be scared of the poi swinging at them and even just stopping to lay down in the middle of a round about because it was so hot. There was a great band to swing to a good old fashion dixieland band that played some of my old favorites "Roll out the Barrel" for one and then it hit me, what better way to first really visit Manchester and see the city than walking in a parade down all the main streets? It was marvelous. The buildings are beautiful and it was complimented with the sunshine.
After the parade sat down for a cool drink got a picture with the gold kids and wandered all over. THere's a great place called Afflecks Palace that is floor after floor of really interesting shops and old vintage clothing. After a good "mooch" around the city (that's english for wander) we sat down and chatted with some randoms as children in the middle of this cement forrest played on this large fountain. It's fabulous! I wish we had one of these back home. So I got to see alot of the city, but it huge and I can't wait to go back for more.

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I loved this thing...
The gold girlsThe gold girls
The gold girls

These chicks were seriously funny
Odd sign....Odd sign....
Odd sign....

Now really.. what the hell is this place? It LOOKED like a couch store.. HMmm...
Central Fountain for the kiddiesCentral Fountain for the kiddies
Central Fountain for the kiddies

I was really tempetd to run into this place.. it's still bloody hot.
Taking a breakTaking a break
Taking a break

Coley grabbing a bite to eat.

22nd July 2006

I'm so happy for you!
You look like you are having an amazing time and I am so happy that you got to go travelling, I know how much you wanted it! How long are you down there anyways? I love the shot of you with the gold girls and the very stylish girl who snuck in at the side. I would love to go just for the fashion...

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