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January 7th 2015
Published: January 7th 2015
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Ooop tomorrow's the big day.

Just finished cramming the kitchen sink and my dog into my backpack, with the help of my mum. Will need to remove approximately 50% of it in the morning no doubt.

Feeling a real mixture of anxiety and excitement at the moment, as predicted. I know that once I've landed in Thailand and I'm on my way to my accommodation I'll be fine. Nerves are mainly centering around not knowing what to expect - the precise reason I made the decision to do this in the first place. Ease out of my comfort zone a little. Go with the flow a bit more. All that quarter life crisis stuff. It's good.

Starting in Bangkok. Plan on the first day is to get my Japanese Encephalitis vaccination and then get my bearings, explore a little. Will be spending three nights in Bangkok in total before I move on to Ayutthaya - the fallen city. Going to take the train.

Just hoping I land tomorrow.

See you on the other side.


8th January 2015

Enjoy your trip, it's such a great part of the world. Keep us updated!
8th January 2015

Enjoy your trip, it's such a great part of the world. Keep us updated!
9th January 2015

Best £30 you spent
That was lucky, booking that flight from Krabi....You are just leaving India as I write this heading over the sea.
10th January 2015

How is it going?
Hi Tom, well you have spent your first night now in Bangkok and it must be around 4:30pm on Saturday, so you are well into your first day. How is it going? What you expected? Let me know you are ok when you get a moment and find a place with faster wifi than your accommodation. Looking forward to hearing your first impressions. Stay safe. Lots of love, mum xxxxx

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