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June 6th 2014
Published: June 6th 2014
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I have to say that when planning this trip I was not overly enthusiastic to go to London. I imagined it being very similar to the us. In a lot if ways it is but in other ways not. When Morgan and i first got onto the tube from the airport to the hotel, I remember distinctly a high school English girl getting onto the tube to go to class. I was so intrigued by the way she was dressed. Taking a train to go to class everyday, I can't imagine! A couple of other things that stuck out to me were the houses. Every house was condensed into a small space but it didn't look overly crowded. Very old English. Reminds me of the movies in Harry potter for sure. After Morgan and I moved our bags into the hotel room, we decided to take a tour. We met this boy on a double decker bus that was also doing a contiki tour. He was from Australia going solo. How lonely it would be to sight see and not share the experience with. I guess he wanted to meet up with people like us along the wAy. I think my favorite part of the day, besides seeing Big Ben was taking a nap in the park across from Westminster abbey. Today, June 6th, Morgan and I visited the British Museum and got to see the Rosetta Stone and rock from Easter island. Museums are way too fun! We got to explore and see some really neat stuff ranging from Greek sculptures to samurai armor. It amazes me the detail that went into carving out and detailing all of this art. thousands of years ago this artwork was not created based on the idea it would seen my millions of people, but it was created out of the pleasure and status of the time interesting. Afterwards, we took bikes and rode along the streets of London. A little stressful but an experience definitely.
Things I have learned while being in London: taxis are shaped oddly due to men not being able to take off their top hat. Back in the day, it was consider rude to take your hat off so taxis had to be shapes accordingly. Other things I have learned: nappies are not naps, they are diApers and young English boys read the newspaper
. You wouldn't see that intrigued for current affairs in American culture unfortunately.
Things I am thankful for: compression hoes and great tennis toes
As Morgan and I continue on our journey, we are learning more about how to communicate properly to each other and express our concerns and seeking compromise. I am excited to see how god will test us as our tour begins tomorrow. Much love-B


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