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February 2nd 2009
Published: February 12th 2009
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Driving back to London from a weekend away in Cheltenham we received an unusual call from our flatmates who were just checking to see how we were. We thought this a little odd as they hadn't shown any particular concern regarding our whereabouts before, and on getting into Central London we realised they were worried we had been stuck in the snow. We had heard that there was supposed to be a huge snow storm coming off the Russian Arctic but except for a few flakes we hadn't really seen any and put it down to the British media being melodramatic. The further into London we got the more snow there was but thankfully we made it back without any trouble and like the children we really are - we got out our cameras and played in the snow! We were very excited to see a very timid fox wandering around, but didn't manage to get a photo of it while it sat and observed us.

The following morning Al got a message telling him to work from home as the snow was pretty thick but Lara was not quite so lucky. As her tube line was the only one
Winter WonderlandWinter WonderlandWinter Wonderland

View from Lara's Office
in London with good service and the office was open, off she trudged through the snow to work. She was one of about 8 people in the entire building that had been able to make it in. And after entertaining each other with tales of their woeful journeys they all went outside to build snowmen and throw snowballs at eachother! Al spent his morning in Clapham Common having snowball fights with local kids and admiring the enormous snowmen that popped up all over the place.

Lara headed home shortly after lunch, taking a look at both Hyde Park and Green Park in the snow before joining Al and going to play in Brockwell Park. It was the most snow we'd ever seen and unlike our flatmates who hibernated for the day we decided to make the most of it. We had a fun, snowy day in London!

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12th February 2009

That was such a cute little blog!!! It reminded me of when it snowed in Bowral when you were a little girl and the Leus were staying with us. You had to make a snowman and refused to come in and then when you did your little hands started to warm up and you sobbed your heart out 'cos they were so sore. Love you kids, Mum
13th September 2009

I love snow. :) Yeah, a real cute blog!

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