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November 17th 2005
Published: November 17th 2005
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I diligently set off with my digital camera in hand yesterday after
work to capture the Christmas lights on the way home from work (making
the most of the fact that it is dark by 4.30pm). I got as far as
Regent Street and the Ice Age Christmas lights (don't ask me what
woolly mammoth's have to do with Christmas I still don't know). I
shamed myself in front of Hamley's by stopping in the 5pm foot traffic
to take tourist snaps, and I headed off down Oxford Street only to
discover that the whole thing was closed to buses.

A helpful police officer asked me if I was there to see the turning on
of the Christmas lights, to which I replied obviously yes as that did
seem to be my purpose. So he let me into the swarming mass of people
who were there to see the "turning on of the Christmas lights" and I
thought for a while that Harry Potter might be turning them on- the
logical conclusion seeing as they were outside Debenam's who are
currently displaying the real costumes from the movie, and I am
reading the book at the moment. But no the masses of people were not
there to see the lights being turned on (and I have a sneaking
suspicion that they have actually been on for a week already) or Harry
Potter, they were there to see Westlife. It was all very exciting but
they were very small and so I didn't stay long. That and the threat
of everyone leaving at once when they had finished had me terrified
enough to get on a bus asap.

So do stay tuned for more exciting Christmas display pics.

ps: I was not the one that was accosted by the police officer in Piccadilly Square at the weekend.

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and not so classyand not so classy
and not so classy

christmas turkey
Oxford StreetOxford Street
Oxford Street

Full, and at a standstill.
London workersLondon workers
London workers

Doing overtime and working hard as you can tell. Look closely that IS a "Westlife we love you" poster

18th November 2005

ok, is it just me or is that a giant leech looking thing on the Hamley's building, coming out of, or going into a large hole?

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