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March 5th 2008
Published: March 5th 2008
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Yup, got here safe and sound. I even slept on the long haul flight, although i think that may be in no small part due to Micheala's witchy prediction that i would get stuck next to a larger man who would like to chat... So, sleeping was the best option although the oil shipping industry and being a ship's captain sounds enthralling and i'll be sure to consider it as a career option if Murdoch won't take me back next year!

I successfully made it out of the country, although i must say walking through to the departure lounge was a little difficult. I mean really, can't i just take the important people with me? With a moderate number of tears I made it through and out of the country.

Suprisingly, i didn't cry the whole way to Singapore, or even to the departure gate in Perth. I was slightly annoyed however, when i decided to drown out the world by listening to my ipod and the first song that came on was "Leaving Home"! Hmph!

So, after transitting through to London Heathrow, i found myself on the underground on my way to Nessa and AB. AB, unwittingly,
Ms NessaMs NessaMs Nessa

i think Nessa is happy it's lunch time...
and most likely to his ever growing annoyance has found himself on the same continent as myself. But only for a day! Cheeky begger, nicking off to Melbourne for a few months, just to avoid me! Actually i think it may be the parmigiana calling but let's not quibble about these things.

Arriving at Hammersmith - so wish the station was called Hammertime! - i made it to the correct bus! Brilliant (or should that be "Discovery!"?). Got to love bus drivers! Carry as many bags as humanly possible and then ask questions that your accent convieniently translates into something only Jar Jar Binks could understand and there you have it! Luckily for me, this guy not only understood what the hell i wanted and where i wanted to go, he let me on for free and pointed out my stop. Then it was only a matter of wandering down the street, laiden with cheezel filled bags before knocking at what i was hoping was the right house! Phew!

It was a great relief when Nessa answered the door - i could have been door knocking for days, and while my pack isn't too heavy, the cold was

i think i am happy about lunch too...although wearing my hat comes a close second...
a bit prohibitive. So cuddles all round instead! Yay!

Now, as AB and Nessa have gone to work and i am thoroughly revived after a hot shower i'm wandering around trying to get mobile and reconnecting. Looks like i will have telephone no while i'm in the UK so i will let you all know so you can at the very least keep me up to date with drunken sms if you haven't already forgotten me!

Before i sign off, some key points of interest to ponder - and this after only 5/6 hours in the country:


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