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February 1st 2007
Published: February 1st 2007
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Although I like to think of myself as an excellent correspondent, I know from the many, many comments from many, many of you that I can fall a bit short of the mark from time to time. The suggestion has come to me from time to time that perhaps I could set up a blog (with photos) so that you could all at least know where I am or where I have recently been. I have taken your advice and here we go.

Being a complete computer ignoramus, it may take me a while to get the hang of everything that I can do on this site, but bear with me. I hope that by keeping this more or less up to date, I will feel less far away to so many of you. Comments and suggestions of how I could make this better would be greatly appreciated – and it would mean that I would hear from some of you.

Keep well!

PS – before you ask about the name on the site. “Chris” was already taken so I had to come up with something else. When I was in seventh grade, there were three people named Chris in my English class. One day, the teacher called on me by saying “Chris B”. The whole class laughed and the name stuck until well after I was out of college. My brother has told me that he can always tell who my oldest friends are because they still call me this.


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