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November 4th 2007
Published: December 13th 2007
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Big Ben by NightBig Ben by NightBig Ben by Night

Occasionally we get good weather at night in London
After the defeat at Cardiff, I had to suffer the agony all over again every day of the week. Unfortunately I was the token Kiwi in an office full of English who were celebrating their upset win over Australia. So when the World Cup final rolls around, it will be the first final not to have one of the Bledisloe nations contesting. After Fiji also lost, my support went to South Africa by default. This is despite the fact that they would have bragging rights of winning 2 World Cups to our 1 (Despite them only winning in ‘95 due to Suzie’s food poisoning). But I just don’t think I would be able to survive living in the UK living with the bragging of the English for 4 more years.

Alright, since my last blog I’ve done a lot, but pretty much all in London, so I’ll just add in the highlights, cos there has been a lot of time spent at work, Hapkido, etc, and you don’t want to hear what I had for breakfast each day I’m sure.

The following week, I went with Clay and saw the live screening of a UK gameshow, ‘Goldenballs’. Somehow it
London EyeLondon EyeLondon Eye

All lit up
also ended up with me doing the haka in the BBC studios. The comedian entertaining us convinced me to show them how it was done, and I acquitted myself fairly well if I do say so myself. There were loads of cameras around, so keep an eye on YouTube. The weekend saw me head back up to Leeds for my 2nd game at Elland Road, but unlike the 1st, where we won 4-1, this was a 1-1 draw, which we should have really won. But, that’s football.

The highlight of the following week was when I went to see the Shaolin Monks perform. Basically they are a troop of monks, who are also extreme martial artists and do such things as lying on razor sharp blades, put a bed of nails on their back, have someone else lie on the bed of nails, put a concrete block on that person, then smash it with a sledgehammer. Mad! But extremely entertaining. 😊

For the weekend, Leah was back from her 3 weeks in Italy, Slovenia and the Greek Islands so I caught up with her and Tim for a drink, before heading out to Maddam Tussauds on Sunday with

With Leah, Hannah and Irene on Southbank next to the River Thames.
Hannah, Leah, Clay and Ange. Personally, it wasn't one of the top things to do on my list, but it was alot of fun playing celebrity spotter amongst the crowds. As you will see, I managed to get a few photos in, including getting my photo in a seductive pose with Sarah Michelle Gellar, kissing Keira Knightley, laughing at George Bush and putting on my Pulp Fiction pose in between Samuel Jackson and John Travolta. Awesome!

For Guy Fawkes, Leah and I headed down to catch up with Clay and Ange and watch the display down there. I think over the weekend, we saw 3 displays. Well the 3rd was our own, when we snuck into Regents Park and let ours off about 200m away from the caretakers hut. Thankfully he didn’t come out to check. Not that he really would have been able to place them. With all the fireworks going off everywhere, it gave me a vision of what London would have been like during the Blitzkrieg.

The following week, I started my new job at a company called Live Nation, which is a Music Media company. Basically they organise all the concerts here in the
John Travolta and Samuel L JacksonJohn Travolta and Samuel L JacksonJohn Travolta and Samuel L Jackson

All of us in our Pulp Fiction pose at Madame Tussauds
UK. So main reason for joining = free tickets! Other than that, everything is better than the last job so I’m quite stoked about that.

The following couple of weeks, I was kept fairly busy with various things, with the most exciting listening to some Kiwi music with the visit of Opshop. Also Ben and myself decided to get over the Channel to see some European football, so Amsterdam was the destination for a nice quiet footballing weekend……

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Me and BuffyMe and Buffy
Me and Buffy

Me posing with the very small Sarah Michelle Gellar
Taking over from JoseTaking over from Jose
Taking over from Jose

The former Chelsea football manager
Jonah and us KiwisJonah and us Kiwis
Jonah and us Kiwis

Jonah looking alot younger with Clay, Hannah, Leah, Ange and myself.
Me and X'tinaMe and X'tina
Me and X'tina

I wonder if they are really that height?
Laughing at GeorgeLaughing at George
Laughing at George

He's had it coming for years. :)
Opshop GigOpshop Gig
Opshop Gig

The four of us enjoying some NZ music

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