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September 9th 2008
Published: September 9th 2008
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So this is technically not a 'real' travellers blog. I am bored and have noticed a couple of strange things recently.

1. I am starting to understand/recognise GBP...well coinage at least. Very strange. I have clearly been in 1 place for too long.

2. I don't know what the sun is like any more and my skin is a sexy shade of pasty.

3. It is September...therefore, the start of Autumn and apparently wearing a coat and water proof mascara in order to avoid panda eyes from the rain is a necessity.

4. Professionally, people need to realise that laughter is not a sin. I would swear, but this is a family show. Consider lots of expletives added here, as well as a suggestion to chill out and shove it also said and read.

5. Slovenly, sullen and sloth-like comes to mind when riding the tube after the glorious strength and pride that is Paris...I don't care that the Metro is probably dirtier and older...the character of the crew, that's the stuff.

6. Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity...well, just check it out... (sorry, i digress).

7. Men look at you in the eye in Paris. It may only be 15 minutes of fame, but it is a respectful fame...

8. I want to go to Majorca.

9. I still haven't learnt a language and still feel exceedingly ignorant.

10. I am still attempting to read the classics - Voltaire is next on the list.

11. I still don't know which way is up. Perhaps that is what comes from living 'down under' for so long.

12. I get to go back to Scotland in October! hoorah! Sucker for those accents... and I get to debrief. What do you wear under your kilt, indeed...

13. The guy who lives in the flat across from me thinks that a towel is an accessory, as opposed to an item you woudl wrap around you or dry yourself with. Wandering around the house in the nude holding a towel is NOT how it works.

14. I am becoming (admitting???) a hopeless romantic. Watching Friends re-runs I love that Chandler and Monica get it together...and I subconsciously "aw" -ed at parts of The Wedding Planner, which my housemate was watching the other night.

15. Red wine may be becoming a staple.

16. I have discovered that I need a job that allows me to organise and fix things... illogical procedure really annoys the hell out of me. Someone make me a project manager or something... and pay me too???

17. Why does Qantas not let me email them?

18. I still have bad hair. It is clean, but dude, i look like i have been dragged through a hedge backwards. And now it is going grey. Brilliant.

19. Sorry, you have to see Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity... the prisoner scene...

20. Ok, so i am stuck in London for a bit longer. Not sure what on earth I am doing. That is the good news. The bad news...I don't know what I'm doing and I am stuck in London working. BUT..... I am plotting the next adventure and my journal is up to date... so stay tuned and you will get a proper travel blog update about my adventures in Paris...have you ever seen a naked Argentine man??? Climbed to the top of a Pantheon??? Taken a tour from a Canadian with an Irish accent??? Stayed in a place called Oops??? Visted the 'most' romantic city in the world...alone? Well if you like the irony of the single girl in the city of romance... let me tell you a story...and no...this doesn't end like the Sex and the City final episode, mores the pity... "Helllooo, Biiiiggggg???...Where are yooouuuu???"!!! 😉

Disclaimer (please ignore the fact that there seems to be an increasing number of disclaimers) - I am tired so any rambling and insanity is completely for comic relief and not a concrete indication of character or predilection. xxx


10th September 2008

The return of the blog! Superb. Even if it was rambling musings, it was still a very enjoyable read! Nevertheless, I still can't wait for you to get back to proper home mate, we're all missing you over here! Steve xoxo
10th September 2008

what do you mean, red wine "may" be becoming a staple? I thought it already was?? damn.. I need to review a few things..:) cant wait for the next installment - is it just me, or did "climb to the top of a pantheon" sound so phalic? x
20th September 2008

So.. ramblin: fun Red wine: definately a food group, since when was it not?! (PS Champagne also has its own food group) Ryan Reynolds: drool. i hear ya... Danni: We love you and when are you coming back to Perth! Don't get stuck in London! Mer! FIESTA! Hair: What the? grey?! Love ya guts hun... xxx

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