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September 19th 2012
Published: September 19th 2012
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Well we are off to Paris today but we have had a busy couple of days in London - i should mention that I did manage to purchase a couple of new items of footwear (come on people it was always going to happen) but most importantly we have had an amazing time in London, still soooooooooo much to see but hey there is always next time! Will has some very exciting details of The art thou for I had the great day in or should I say frightful day in the tower of London thys or even thys sister or brother shall have found it of fun intrest or thy must be a brutchilfinger...................................


The tower of London was really fun there was a torture exibhit and stuff as well as seeing the crown jewels! thats right the actual cown jewels it was so cool i even got to try on the queens crown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I met the Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I bet I just got you really excited but it wasnt true hahahahah well the meeting the queen and wearing the crown jewels bit) so we also went into the white tower built in 10?? sometime in the 11th century by willie the conqurer and meet a beefeater that had been in the army for 36 years i really liked it the next day we went to a massive ripleys belive it or not exibhition with models and a mirror maze and a lazer race where you had to dodge lasers or yo get FRIED hah not really (im such a joker arent I) but unfortunnetly it was our last day in England but know we are in PARIS!!!!!!!! awesome we chaught a train that went underground across the English channel EPIC then w- 😉 😊 @_@ oh sorry about that um -e went on an underground metro train (metro train uh hu! yeah yeah chug chug well will write aout paris later see ya

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20th September 2012
last pub dinner

It's a Puzzle
Great photos but some of the titles got a bit mixed so I'll try and put the jigsaw together good job I had been to the tower abeit a long time ago. I bet you enjoyed the nice trip on the Eurostar to relax. A bit disappointed no photos of the new footwear. Enjoy Paris (as if you needed encouragement) Once again your photos are fabulous but ask one of the boys to take your photo Ruth arms length doesn't always take flattering photos.
20th September 2012
last pub dinner

sorry bout the mix up
yes mum the photos do that a bit and time constraints meant I couldn't fix it - takes ages but I knew you would figure it out xx
20th September 2012

laser tag
For Lucy. April just finished laser tag and is about to be invested. Bet you wish you were here :-)
20th September 2012

Congrats April - yep wish i had been there to see you get invested oh well will feel better with a trip to the eiffel tower

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