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September 27th 2015
Published: September 27th 2015
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OMG! After almost a year of planning we are days away (and counting) from setting off. You'd think twelve months would be time enough to make sure everything was in place but, you know, life .....

Despite all good intentions to keep key information in one handily available notebook, this brightly coloured, can't-miss-it, personal organiser has proved to be a master of disguise and is never anywhere to be found when needed, even when in plain view. I now find myself operating from various check lists, post-its, scrappy bits of paper and mid-night mental memoranda that I hope will still be lurking somewhere in my brain the following morning in full consciousness. I've learned to listen to that faint tinkling in the old grey matter, hoping it turns into a full-blown cacophony of alarm bell-ringing, reminding me to make a note in that helpful notebook that is once again nowhere in sight so I just make another 'to do' note-to-self on yet another random piece of paper. Ah well.

I'm finding myself becoming quite reflective on all the things I'll miss. I've found myself saying 'I won't be doing this again for another several months', 'I won't be seeing them again for a while', 'I won't be going there again any time soon' and I have to keep reminding myself that, while I will naturally miss family, friends and current activities, I will be doing lots of different things, meeting lots of different people and going to many exciting places. That's a wonderful thing and I can't wait.

In fairness, things are taking shape. Our house sitter arrives in less than two weeks so if it's not done soon we will have to manage without it, whatever the 'it' may be! One of the things I need to check is that I've got this blog doobry set up properly and that's the main reason for this somewhat bland entry! Hopefully, things will become more interesting when we hit the road next month. Watch this space!


29th September 2015

First comment?
I hope I'm the first to comment! I think you've done a great job setting up this blog! I wouldn't know where to start. It looks a great way to stay in touch. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Another one of those things you won't be doing for a while! Don't worry Janet and I will keep you up-to-date on what we get up to in your absence! Margaret x
2nd October 2015

Dear Mr Palin
We've had a letter from a Mr Michael Palin who says that a six months trip is 'Around the World in 180 Days' and apparently he managed it in only 80 days. Mr Palin seems to think that 180 days is slacking. However, having read your itinerary, Mr Palin thanks you for discovering a place in the world called Fuckit, sorry Phuket, as he thinks that he can write a new comedy series based upon the name. Jim (on behalf of Mr P) x
3rd October 2015

Only a week to go
A week today and you're on your way. Wishing you a fantastic journey and hoping that you do all that you want to and so much more! Keep in touch, looking forward to seeing your blog xxx
5th October 2015

Exciting stuff
Good luck on your travels, sounds like a great adventure! Must have taken you ages to plan. I can't believe you are going to be away until April! I'm going to be in New York for New Years Eve so we will all be on different sides of the world. Best wishes from your jealous niece x
9th October 2015

Whatever I want
10th October 2015

Bon voyage!
Have a wonderful time! Val x

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