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February 23rd 2006
Published: February 25th 2006
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"You little shit, i'll miss you". My obviously deliberate plan to leave my mums car empty but for vapour to make parting easier as she tackled the morning rush hour had worked... Despite the snow and the traffic I made the flight in plenty of time, and I had a leisurely wait in departures.

However things were about to make a turn for the worse. I was informed by the very polite girl at checking "I'm really sorry, but there are no emergency exits in economy on this flight". Those with legs as long as mine will realise my concern at this was not fear of a titanic-esque second class locked below decks while the social elite escape, but fear of 11 hours without being able to feel my feet while sitting next to a couple of Japanese people whos feet dont even reach the floor.

My seat neighbours were not infact sterotypical Japanese midgets at all, but stereotypical Japanese big people. They showed me their photos while trying to extract my life story in pigeon english. Every photo had them in it. And every photo had the ubiquitous two fingers victory pose.

The plane meals were suitably interesting given it was B.A. - both were served with chopsticks and including day glo pink pickled vegetables. Fantastic!


25th February 2006

Toe wiggling
Dear Alex...remember for future reference when you manage to disentangle your legs during your flights wiggle your toes to avoid DVT. Always listen to your mum. Love mum xxx

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