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December 19th 2009
Published: December 19th 2009
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As I sit in my flat, the night before I am due to leave on this adventure, with empty shelves ready to store someone elses ‘stuff’ for 4 months, I wonder who I will be when I get back. I have been talking about and planning this trip since last year and it is finally here. It is incomprehensible to think how it might affect me... how it might change the parts of me that make me me. But here I am. Still putting off the inevitable packing, still making lists that I probably won’t read, still trying to decide what is really necessary and what is a luxury I don’t need.

But as I sit here enjoying my ‘nest’/creature comforts for the last time in 4 months I can not really imagine how I will feel when I get back. It seems so distant; so unimaginable. I remember feeling like this before going to Vietnam and when I got back from there I suppose I hadn’t changed all that much… and yet I had. I’d learned so much about myself... and that was only 6 weeks.. this is 16 weeks!!

Well, I feel ready; emotionally, spiritually, mentally… and almost physically! (the tummy stuff is still a little galling.. I mean to get a dodgy tummy before you go to a country like India is a joke… surely!) and so what ever happens I hope that I enjoy myself. Take in everything. Meet interesting people. Learn a little about myself and the world around me. And have an adventure! I’m ready for one.


20th December 2009

good luck coodles
sorry i didnt get around to ringing today but have been thinking about you and your trip. hope you have a fabulous time. message from Anna - I love you so much and I miss you so much auntie katie and i hope you umm are good ummm i meant i hope you like it. bye bye message from Amelia - hello auntie katie. hi. giggle. it's amelia. giggle. (lots of giggling.) thank you for taking me to oliver twist. i hope you liked it. have a lovely time on your trip. we will miss you. i wish you would have came to my birthday (and anna saying "and mine"). lots of love. and lots of giggles. love amelia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx giggle giggle giggle

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