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December 21st 2009
Published: December 21st 2009
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Well here I am… at the very beginning of my trip. I finally got my bag packed. Lovely Amy and her mum drove me to the airport.. sadly I went to the wrong terminal (not my fault.. the airlines have changed their terminal since my ticket was issued!!)so after waiting 25mins for a train I managed to check in my bags with minimal effort.. although I did get a sinking feeling that I may never see my bag again after being asked to take it to a ‘special’ place because of it’s size (my poor shoulders may never be the same!).. oh well it is out of my hands now.. fingers crossed it arrives in one piece and at the same time as me!

Well it’s official… I hate touch screen tv’s in planes! The old Indian woman behind me obviously has not got the concept of ‘touch’ screen and instead decided to ‘hit’ the screen, i.e. the back of my head rest. After a good hour and a half of me turning around and giving her dirty looks to no avail I decided I needed to take action… So I jammed my chair back as far as I could. She, of course, then started tapping my arm which I ignored for a while, then I turned round and told her that I would move my seat up if she stopped hitting her screen! … Now I realize this may seem a little unkind but I’m afraid I had no choice if I wanted to get any sleep… and it did work!! Having said that, whilst it did work across the isle was a little boy who was not a happy flyer and the old Indian couple on my right were babysitting a little boy who, admittedly did sleep for most of the flight, but at one point started kicking me!
Having said all that whilst I did only get about 3 hours sleep I did manage to watch ‘Night at the Museum 2’ which was very funny and had a surprisingly nice curry!!

SO.. Mumbai.. (or is it the done thing to refer to these cities by their old names? .. the old Indian man next to me referred to Mumbai as Bombay?) ...i have literally just arrived at Matt and Lucy's flat.. it's lovely.. air con.. clean.. luxurious.. may as well make the most of it since i doubt my accomadation will live up to this for the next 4 months!!
Mumbai, on first glance is just how i imagined it! .. hot, humid, busy, noisy, smelly.. i love it!! .. it feels so natural to be back travelling again.. although i am already thinking about what i can get rid of from my rucksack.. it is TOO heavy!

and so the sweating begins!!


21st December 2009

Best of luck
Hi Kate, I've signed myself up for the notifications. Can't wait to hear all your news, it will make me very jealous as i sit here at my desk. Best of luck with it all. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! Lots of love, Tess xx

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