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April 28th 2012
Published: April 28th 2012
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Hello all

Today I was up to London in Hampton Court - and not being mugged in the Philipines- I am sorry but my Yahoo account has been hacked - I have lost all emails and all contacts - so this blog is a good way to reach most of you.

Thanks to everyone who might have thought it was true and showed concern by texting phoning or messaging me here...and given that Richard has been working in Manilla a couple of times - it was perfectly feasible that I might have been there!! Now it's aright mess to try and see if Yahoo can restore my account ....meanwhile I am changing all passwords etc ....maybe I shall use a Maori word - they are pretty unintelligible.

Love bemused and confused me. xxx


28th April 2012

Oh no!!
Thanks for making contact Lynne. We certainly flew into action here putting on Spyware checks, informing our spamtrap agent etc. I could not imagine what losing all information would do!! Only glad we are all at home (you too) when this is being dealt with. Take care Jocelyn.
29th April 2012

Thats good
At least your safe & that's good I read your bloggs regularly so it's nice that you place your next visit there as I thought after Holland you were going home a while x
29th April 2012

glad you're ok
damn- just how you want to spend your time- not! is that your redroofs account that's no longer operational?
29th April 2012

Not in Manilla
Please, let me have your e-mailadress when you register the new one. I've erased everything to be on the safe side. Eva
29th April 2012

Glad to hear you are not down and out!
Not that we believed it, Dave and I agreed that you would give a mugger a run for the money, you are way too street savvy and feisty to go down quietly! However, Dave offered $10K to the correspondent if they gave him their bank account number and told him what make and year of car he took somewhere special recently............he is still waiting to hear back. Love from us both Diane and Dave x x x x love from us both x x x
29th April 2012

Hola good to be in contact again thought you might be having probs as I hadn't heard back from you. Will wait to hear when you up and running again. LOL Marilyn xx
29th April 2012

Sorry they got into your account
I'm sorry for you that someone was ably to hack into your account - what a pain! I could see straight away that the message wasn't from you - but as they had obviously got into your email, I didn't want to send you a message using that. How clever of you to use your travel blog! I hope yahoo are able to sort things for you. xxxx Jen
29th April 2012

Knew it was a scam
Hi friend, What a boddly bloody nuisance. I sent you a note via yahoo which you will I now know NOT have got. As soon as i read it I knew it want you but I did think it was via your blog actually. The hide of some total morons, they think they are clever and the rest of the world thinks the opposite. When you look at the word 'cell phone' I immediately thought it was an american, we all use 'mobile phone'. Just lucky you have this blog eh? hope yahoo can sort it for you, inconvenient and irritating spring to mind and other less ladylike and rude words. Fingers crossed yahoo can get it all back. Thinking of you here in, still warm but getting cooler, Port Macquarie. Smiles and hugs from afar S and G
29th April 2012

All's good
Hi Lynne we were not concerned for you as this same thing had happened to all our church members and it just didn't make sense. We are still enjoying your blogs. Winter has started here snow on all the mountains this morning.Enjoy your summer . Ross
30th April 2012

Dear lynn, I have been to Arlette today and I have had this strange mail from Manilla; I was confused not to be able to help you today but as I read Arlette's blogmail you sent her, I realised this was phishing; thank God you are safe and at home; I hope you are well; I am off to Amsterdam tomorrow; rings a bell? love, Michele

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