The English Seaside!

Published: April 6th 2018
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Spent the day today exploring Brighton - where the English go for summer holidays!

Was much brighter this morning, so we could see that there is a wind farm off the coast that was invisible yesterday!

The sun appeared (sort of) after breakfast, so we headed for the pier - an amusement park on the pier over the water. Wandered to the end (very windy) and back, still lots of people around even thought it was cold. The central part had inside games (video games etc) and also lots of games that seemed to be like a miniature version of a chocolate machine, but with coins - you fed in money, in the hope that the coins would push the coins already in there, out to you - seemed a little bizarre, but there were lots of them, so obviously very popular.

Walking back towards the hotel, we found the hop on hop off bus, apparently only started running again yesterday (for the "summer" season), so decided it was probably the warmest way to see the city, so hopped on - stayed downstairs though, way too cold up top. Was just an hour to do the full circuit, drove along the beachfront into Hove (joined to Brighton) where the beach huts are, then around to the the Royal Pavilion, and further east to see the Brighton Marina (a huge complex). Stayed on till we were back at the pier.

Decided to go down onto the beach for a closer look at the stones!

Then walked through "The Lanes" - lots of narrow lanes and alleys, that was the older part of Brighton, but now lots of expensive shops. Walked to the Royal Pavilion and its grounds, then back through The Lanes to Pret for lunch (finally!!).

It was decided (not by me) after lunch, that we would walk to Hove to look at the beach huts. By this time it was very overcast, cold and windy. Think it was about a hundred miles (more or less) and when we got there, they weren't even on the beach (apparently those ones are further along).

Maurice was very keen for some real fish and chips, so braved the rain and cold for dinner at a local Fish & Chip (chain) restaurant.

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